30 Days of Real Food–Final Days

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30 days challenge final daysWell, we have finally reached the final days of our 30 days of real food challenge.   It doesn’t really seem like it’s been almost 30 days, but Wednesday will be the final day of the challenge.  So what  am I going to write about now?  What recipes will I be sharing if I’m no longer eating only real foods?  No need to worry!  As I mentioned last week, the hubby and I have decided to keep going!  It will no longer be a “challenge” for us, as we have become accustomed to eating this way, but it is better for us in the long run.  Now this doesn’t mean that we won’t occasionally enjoy a nice dinner out, or the occasional frozen yogurt, but it does mean that we will continue to keep the amount of artificial, GMO, hydrogenated and chemically altered foods to a minimum.  I will also continue to work on homemade versions of our favorite foods and condiments.  I’ve already mastered marinara, ranch and salsa!  I’ve been working on a good BBQ and mayo recipe, and have yet to try ketchup.  Although there are all-natural alternatives to these condiments, who really wants to spend $5+ on a bottle of ketchup?  After years of couponing and not paying for ketchup–not this girl. 

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10 things I learned this week

  1. You HAVE to read the labels on everything you buy.  You never know what manufacturers are sneaking into your “all natural” or “no artificial ingredients” food
  2. Birds were not the culprits eating my almost ripe cherry tomatoes–more like a 4 legged chocolate dog who happened to sneak one in the house
  3. Eating healthier has given me more energy–now that the detox is over
  4. Clean eating has become almost like second nature to us
  5. I said almost, because it is still hard to watch the condiments we eat–and I haven’t quite mastered mayo.
  6. I’m able to stretch our chicken and ground beef to last for more meals.  Cutting up the chicken or shredding it helps us use less, and adding veggies to the ground beef helps us make it into 2 meals
  7. I am drinking more milk and eating more yogurt lately and WOW does that stuff get expensive quickly. 
  8. I’m becoming quite the scratch cook!  I don’t even need recipes for a lot of things anymore.  Why yes, you may pat me on the back 😉
  9. I am actually going to miss blogging about what I’ve learned every week–do I see a new segment in The Kolb Corner’s future?
  10. I need to find an alternative to the bottled coffee creamer.  While that stuff is delicious–have you looked at the ingredients!?


So what are we eating this week?

Since “this week” we only have 3 days until the end of our challenge, I’ve only included 3 dinners.



Yogurt, granola, and fruit

Toast with peanut butter




Lunch meat wraps


Pizza on whole wheat crust

Italian drip beef



If you are just now joining me, you can read about the entire journey starting HERE.  If you feel like this challenge is something you want your family to do, you can find my printable meal plans and grocery lists by week HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

You can also follow my 30 Days of Real Food board on Pinterest.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about your “real food” experience. Hoping to start in my household too. You’ve been very inspiring 🙂

  2. It has been so fun to do this challenge with you! We also have become much cleaner eaters, the boys have more variety in their diet, and Clint actually likes some of my chicken recipes! I finally can do a little meal planning… so we will see how it goes, when you stop telling me what to eat 🙂

    1. Nikki I’m glad you did it with us! And Clint survived–he didn’t starve afterall? 🙂 Let me know if you need any help meal planning. Now that we have the hang of it, it’s time to broaden our repertoire and eat more exciting foods instead of the same things recycled over and over!!

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