Feminine Home Office Makeover Plan

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Every entrepreneur working out of the home needs a functional space and my office is no different. I’m sharing my feminine home office makeover plan to make my current room a multi purpose and fully functional space all without spending a ton of money to do so.

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Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

UPDATE–Go here for the final makeover reveal!

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you might remember my first office “makeover” that I did way back in 2015 while living in San Antonio. Well, we have moved twice since then and I still have yet to really set up my home office the way I need it in our new place. I have some big ideas for my home office makeover and wanted to share the details with you.

Before we get into my feminine home office makeover plan, let me fill you in on a little bit of the details of the space. Please don’t judge me on these terrible photos! I snapped these right before I emptied the room to paint.

Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

When we moved into our home back in October, the room was a terrible shade of pale pink with an equally horrible orange/pink accent wall. It worked for the previous owner’s daughter, but not for my home office. It casts such a nasty pink hue on all of my photos that I usually end up moving out to our dining room to shoot.

The room is a small 10’x10′ space with a reach-in closet running almost the entire length of the room. There is one small window in one corner of the room. This is easily the smallest room I have had to claim as my own so it will definitely be a challenge to get it organized and functional.

Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

My home office makeover plan has to make the space function as both a workplace and a creative space since I do all of my work here. I currently have two separate desks; one for my computer and content planning, and a second for crafting, lettering, and photography. That means this office needs to be multifunctional! I need to make the most of the tiny space I have while still trying to make it look appealing and not like it’s bursting at the seams. Believe me, that is no small task because I have SO MUCH STUFF.

Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

The layout of the room in general doesn’t make furniture placement very easy. I think I will leave the current placement as it is, with my big desk floating and the smaller desk near the lone window. I use this desk for photography and shooting lettering videos for Designs by Amanda Kay, so it needs to be near the natural light. Plus I feel weird about having my back to the door constantly. The large orange/pink wall will be an accent wall showcasing some of my inspirational lettering pieces and other art, so being able to look up from my computer and see that will be so nice.

Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

I won’t be adding any new furniture to the space, as there really isn’t room (both in the budget and in space), but I will be taking advantage of the vertical space in this room with a few planned projects. I’ll also be adding a few pieces to the layout that I’ve listed below. I’ve already painted the room in the color “Sterling” from Behr (Home Depot) and it’s SO much better. The lighting isn’t as harsh for photos and it really gives the room a more sophisticated and softer look. Make sure you follow along on Instagram as I do updates and share them in my stories.

Home Office Makeover Goals:

  • Multipurpose space with a place for creating that is separate from my computer space
  • Everything has a place in a neat, tidy and visually appealing manner
  • Station for easy photography and video set up
  • Utilize vertical space for storage and organization
  • Functional organization system for mail and receipts 
Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas

Existing Furniture:

Items to Add:

Budget Friendly DIY Projects:

These are the projects that are in my feminine home office makeover plan. DIY-ing these projects will help me save money, while still being able to achieve the functionality I need.

  • Paint walls — Done!
  • Build large peg board for tool and craft organization–Like this one from my friend Rachel at Craving Some Creativity
  • Wallpaper accent wall
  • Gallery of my own art and lettering as well as new pieces
  • Large 3 month dry erase calendar DIY for editorial calendar planning
  • Dresser makeover for closet organization (dresser was left behind from previous owners)
  • Add wheels to smaller desk for ease of movement (for photography)
  • Hand lettered labels for EVERYTHING

The amount I’ve budgeted for the space is $350, which includes the new area rug, lamp, paint and wallpaper. Let’s hope I can stick to it! I’m hoping by DIY most of my projects, and using the furniture I already have will help me keep the costs down. My plan is to have a new project for you weekly so make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated and follow on Instagram! When you sign up for my email list you’ll also get access to my freebie library which is pretty cool if I don’t say so myself 😉

Other Home Office and Craft Room Projects:

Feminine and Chic Home Office Makeover Plan and Ideas


  1. I am really excited for that wallpaper accent wall. That geometric pattern looks so chic and inspiring! We painted our son’s bedroom in Sterling and it is a great gray to set off other items in the room. Can’t wait to see your new space!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I wasn’t sold on the color when I was first painting as the room looked more blue that I wanted, but after getting some of my stuff back in I really do love the color! I’m excited for the wallpaper too!

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