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How to Make Poison Labels in PicMonkey

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Last week I shared how to make Apothecary Jars from old bottles and I promised you that there would be a tutorial on how to make poison labels soon. Well, today is the day! These poison labels are so super easy to make, and you can whip them up in minutes.

How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey

Before we get started, let me just say that for these exact labels you will need a Royale membership from PicMonkey. A Royale membership allows you to use their premium texts, graphics, and textures to create even more awesome! With that being said, you can absolutely create similar labels without the Royale membership, the steps will just be slightly different.

Updated 10/20/2017–PicMonkey is no longer a free service, and to save, share or export your designs you do need a subscription. The good news though, is that there are no longer “premium” graphics or fonts. If you have a subscription whether monthly or annual, you have access to all of their fonts and graphics. It is still very affordable at under $50 per year if you go for the annual subscription. They are also offering a free 7-day trial for you to try it out to see if you like it. Even though they have changed the subscriptions, PicMonkey is still a design and editing software I recommend to beginners. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate software!

How to Make Poison Labels in PicMonkey

Start by going to PicMonkey, and select the Design tab. It will automatically open up to a screen that looks like the one below.

  1. Select the “transparent canvas” checkbox.
  2. Once selected the white canvas will turn to a gray and white checkered pattern.How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey
  3. Click on the Themes tab, which will be the very last tab on the side.  The image changes with each season, right now it may be a pumpkin or a cat.  Once you’ve clicked on the themes tab, select the “witches” theme.How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey
  4. Select “potion labels” and choose your favorite label
  5. The label will automatically display with a black background and white outlines. To change this, in the Overlay pop-up box select color 1 and click the “transparent” checkbox. Then select black for color 2 (or your color of choice)How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey
  6. Next, if you wish to apply an aged texture to the background, select the “antiquated” texture. Then in the Paintbox that pops up, click the “Reverse effect” box, to brush on the texture.  This step takes the most time, but I love the look of the texture on the labelsHow to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey
  7. Finally, choose text and embellishments.  I used the fonts under the witches theme as well as others from the text tab. For embellishments I used the “magical creatures” as well as “flourishes” under the graphics tab. Have fun with it! I love playing around with all of the graphics and fonts on PicMonkey* to create something unique.
How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey

Be sure to save each label as a .png file to keep the background transparent. After you have created all of the poison labels, insert them into a word document to print.

How to Make Poison Labels in Pic Monkey

And if you want to print off the labels I made you can subscribe to get access to the printable library below!

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Friday 20th of October 2017

How do you save these without having to pay for a pic monkey subscription?


Friday 20th of October 2017

Hi Mandi! PicMonkey recently updated their site so that to save, share or export designs you have to start an account with them. I just haven't had time to update this post since they announced the change. I do still recommend it if you are designing graphics or editing photos as it's a very user friendly software, and still pretty affordable at under $50 for a year subscription.

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Angie ~ Ambient Wares

Monday 11th of September 2017

Oh, I love these poison labels, Amanda! I've just printed them off and now and looking forward to finding things to put them on :D Pinned!


Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Thank you Angie!

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