I Made it from Pinterest–White Pizza with Chicken and Herbs

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I Made it From Pinterest

This week’s Pinterest Meal I made is White Pizza with Chicken and Herbs.  As soon as I saw this recipe I KNEW I had to try it.  The only thing was I didn’t have any pizza dough on hand, so of course, I had to whip some up in my bread machine–Have I ever mentioned how much I love this thing??

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The recipe was pretty easy to follow, I just wish there had been some step by step photos.  Whenever I made a homemade Alfredo type sauce, it always turns out either lumpy, or way too thick.  Which in this case–it was both.  Oh well, it tasted FABULOUS anyway!

Here are the recipes:

White Pizza with Chicken and Fresh Herbs via Tara’s Multicultural Table

Homemade Pizza Dough via Queen Bee Coupons

The pizza dough recipe was really easy to put together.  I actually ended up using 1 cup of Whole Wheat Flour and 3 cups of All Purpose.  I like to throw in Whole Wheat flour whenever possible.  I was a little worried there was no type of sugar called for in this recipe, because from what I learned by taking a bread making class–yeast needs the sugar to feed off of to make the dough rise.  BUT, I made the recipe anyway and it turned out GREAT!  I will definitely use this as my new go to recipe.

pizza dough in bread machine pan

Once my dough was done I turned it out onto a greased pizza pan with some Cornmeal sprinkled over it to keep it from sticking.  I formed into the shape I wanted, then brushed on an olive oil, garlic powder, oregano and basil mixture.  This gave the dough a little extra flavor.

pizza dough turned out onto prepared pizza pan
whole pizza dough rolled out, oiled and drizzled with herbs ready to bake

I stuck it in the oven on 450 and let it bake for 5 minutes.  I did this so it wouldn’t be doughy in the center once I had all of the toppings on it and baked.

baked pizza dough

Alright…I did not expect the dough to rise this much.  Next time I think I will cut my dough in half and make a thinner crust out of it.  I can freeze the second half to have on hand.

While my crust was pre-baking, I chopped up my chicken and red onion.  I used a leftover grilled chicken breast that I had marinated and grilled the night before.  It worked perfectly for this pizza.   What’s not pictured are the mushrooms I chopped up for my husband’s side of the pizza.  I HATE mushrooms…unless they are MOREL mushrooms dipped in egg, rolled in Saltines and fried in butter.  THEN and ONLY then will I willingly eat mushrooms.

chicken and red onion prepped on cutting board

I made sure to slice the red onions really thin.  I find it helps to chop off the bottom of the onion so you have a flat base to stand it up to slice.  That way you can get more precise slices without the onion falling over or moving.

Next I started on the homemade sauce.

I still haven’t quite gotten down the right amount of heat necessary to melt butter but not immediately burn butter, in my stainless steel pots.  I have even tried the water test, but still end up burning the butter and setting off the smoke alarm.  This time I ended up putting the butter in first and then turning the gas on low.   This seemed to work better, even though I have been told by MULTIPLE stainless steel users to heat low and slow, then add your oil or butter.

Anyway, the butter got melted, who cares how, and it didn’t burn.  After my garlic was cooked, I added in the flour and whisked it until everything was combined.

crumbled garlic and flour and butter

Next I poured in the milk SLOWLY, and made sure the heat was still on low.  I whisked it the entire time I was adding in the milk to try to avoid lumps.   After it was all mixed in and had thickened some, I made the mistake of adding in my Parmesan while the pot was still on the burner.  This may be what caused my sauce to thicken too much.

white sauce for pizza

I ended up adding a little bit more milk to it and that thinned it out some.  Either way, it was still delicious!

Next I topped the pizza with a layer of the sauce, chicken, red onion and half with mushroom, covered it in Mozzarella cheese and baked it on 450 for about 12 minutes.  I opted not to bake it at 500 because with Propane I find that 500 is usually way too hot for things like this.  You may want to adjust the heat setting for your oven.

When it was fully baked I sprinkled on a mixture of dried Parsley, Oregano, and Basil.  My herbs are still too tiny to harvest, so I had to make due with the dried stuff.

White Pizza with Chicken and Herbs

Dried or fresh, this pizza was still amazing.  I will definitely be adding it into our lineup of meals!  It’s so easy to put together and would be even quicker if you already had the dough made.


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