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Meal Plan Monday 1/5

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Meal Plan Monday


One of my personal goals for 2015 is to get our eating back on track.  We’ve gotten away from eating whole foods, and have started eating “convenient” foods again.  A big reason we’ve been eating so poorly is my lack of meal planning and grocery shopping with a purpose.  Instead of planning out weekly meals, making a list, and buying only things that are on that list, I’ve been going to the store and buying whatever I think we need.  Two things happen when I do this.  1) I buy things we don’t eat  2) I forget items that would be needed for a specific meal.  When this happens I end up making more than one trip to the store, and I come home with more things we don’t need.  It’s a vicious, expensive, cycle. 

So for 2015, I’ve vowed to stop the endless cycle, and start planning ahead.  Again.  I’ve also go to stop with the soda!  It’s ruining the enamel on my teeth, and my constant headaches are back.  I’m pretty sure the unnecessary caffeine, sodium, and refined sugars are the culprit.  Only time will tell.

Since I’ve committed myself to sticking to a blogging schedule, and also sticking to a meal plan each week, I thought sharing each meal plan with you all would help hold me accountable.  So, that’s exactly what I’ve done.  

Here’s what we will be feasting on this week:


Granola with fruit and yogurt

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter



Sandwiches, fruit and cheese slices



Organic soup


Monday: Chilli Mac and Cheese

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches on whole wheat buns

Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Salad (using leftover meat from Tuesday)

Thursday: Crock Pot Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday: Noodles and Vegetables in Peanut Sauce

Saturday: Lasagna, salad, garlic bread

Sunday: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup


Saturday 10th of January 2015

Oh my! This sounds so amazing. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for being a part of our party. We really appreciate you! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

Renee Cheatham

Monday 5th of January 2015

I'm right there with you with the sodas! I know I have to cut them out of my diet, but it is so difficult. That Chili Mac looks so delicious and hearty, I have to pin it!


Monday 5th of January 2015

It is SO hard to quit! I'm kicking myself for going back to drinking it! Good to see you back to blogging Renee!