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My Goals for 2018

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A new year is always a great time to set new goals. It’s a time you can hit the reset button and start fresh! With that in mind, I’m sharing my goals for 2018.

I know that setting goals isn’t just for a new year. I absolutely believe that you should continuously set small, attainable goals each and every month, but setting BIG goals for the whole year can really make you get off your butt and get motivated.

Last year I wrote a post about how to set big goals and actually achieve them. I even shared a handy goals planning worksheet for my email subscribers (you can get it too by signing up at the end of this post) In that post, I shared some really big, really scary goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2017. When I was setting them, I was so hesitant to write them down and actually publish a blog post that put them out there in the world. I mean, they were scary huge for me! But, I wrote them down anyway, and set about with a plan on how I was going to accomplish them.

And guess what? I didn’t accomplish a single business goal, but that’s OK because what I did accomplish was completely and utterly amazing (at least to me!) I know that if I hadn’t set HUGE goals for myself, and just stuck with the normal small attainable goals, that I would never have pushed myself as hard as I did. Because boy did I work hard on those goals!

So in case you are curious to how I ended 2017 and the progress I made towards those big goals, here is a refresher:

Goals for 2017

Business Goals (by the end of year)

  • Reach 10K followers on Instagram and Facebook –I did not hit these goals, however I did DOUBLE my followers, which I still think is pretty fantastic. I will continue to strive for these numbers in 2018
  • Reach 20K followers on Pinterest –The same with the above, I did more than DOUBLE followers.
  • Grow my pageviews to over 150,000 views per month–I was SO SO SO close in the month of November and December, ending the year with 137,000 pageviews. This will still be a goal for me in 2018, but not a priority.
  • Earn $5,000 per month income working from home–Still my number 1 goal for the year. This will be a combined income through all of my online revenue sources (2 blogs and Etsy shop) I did hit a little over $3000 for the month of December so I know it is not a far fetched number.
  • Grow Etsy shop into a successful, self sufficient business, earning $1000 per month–See above

Personal Goals

  • Lose 40 pounds to hit my target weight-–Hit it in October thanks to the ketogenic diet!
  • Eliminate added sugar from diet for good–Not 100%, but very close. The sugars I consume now are naturally occurring in the very small amount of fruit, and the vegetables I eat. However, I was bad around the holidays and may have eaten one (or a dozen) cookies/candies. 
  • Utilize FitBit Charge HR to it’s full potential–tracking goals, weight and calories in/out–I am consistenly using the app, along with My Fitness Pal.
  • Run 3 miles without stopping (and work the dog up to it too)–I tried the whole jogging thing in the early Spring and again in late Summer. I ended up with my knees hurting and my poor puppy dog limping (she has elbow dysplasia). This year I will stick to daily walks for me and Delilah too, and going to the gym.

Alright, so there’s the update on how I ended with my 2017 goals. At first glance I was pretty discouraged that I didn’t hit all of my goals, but looking back at the progress I did make is so encouraging. My business traffic and social media stats doubled in a year, and my income more than tripled. While I didn’t hit the exact goals I set, anyone can see the immense growth potential there.

Goals for 2018

Business Goals (by the end of the year)

  • Double my social media following (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are my focus)
  • Double my search traffic from 10% to 20% of all traffic sources.
  • Launch my second website that will be dedicated to simple graphic design tutorials (think Photoshop and Illustrator), Silhouette tutorials, hand lettering tutorials and tons of freebies! I am so excited for this! I’m hoping to have it up and running (smoothly or not smoothly) by April 1st.
  • Earn $5,000 per month combined income from all online revenue sources (both blogs and Etsy shop)

Personal Goals

  • Find more time for me, even if it’s just taking the time to read a book. I got pretty worn out at a few points late in the year, and realized that I was working all the time! Around Christmas I hardly saw my husband and we both work from home! That’s saying something.
  • Lose 10 more pounds (for a total of 50lbs lost!) Goal Weight=140lbs
  • Join a gym and actually go 3 times a week
  • Find my purpose and live it. Purpose is my word for 2018! I’ve never chosen a “word of the year” but decided that “purpose” was an appropriate one for personal reasons.

I’d love to hear from you what some of your goals are for 2018! Are you setting big scary goals?

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My personal and business goals for 2018

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Monday 31st of December 2018

Oh I think you did absolutely wonderful! If I had just list 40lbs I'd call it a stellar year!


Friday 4th of January 2019

Aww thank you so much Autumn!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.