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Office Makeover-Plan and Inspiration

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Office Makeover-plan and inspiration

I’ve been talking about updating my little corner of the living room I call my “office” for awhile. Currently I have a BlACK desk with BLACK tempered glass, BLACK bookshelf, and BLACK computer, keyboard, monitor and mouse. Are you seeing the trend yet? I am so sick of BLACK!! I went through a phase–ok so it was quite a long phase–where all I liked was dark or BLACK furniture. Seriously. Every piece of furniture I own, except the coffee table I did earlier this year, is either a dark stain, or it’s black. I’m ready for a change!!

My desk is a corner piece, and I love that I have a lot of space to spread out. I bought it about 3 years ago, after using one of those Walmart cabinet desks–similar to this one–only not corner style.  I’m pretty sure I got it for free from someone I knew.  It served it’s purpose for awhile, but when we bought our house in Tennessee, I had an entire bedroom that was dedicated “my office”.  Of course, I wanted an upgrade.  I bought my current desk at Office Depot, on a whim.  Seriously, we were there to get printer ink and my hubby was price shopping a new laptop.   This desk was on sale and it was BLACK so of course I loved it.  Little did I know how absolutely frustrating the tempered glass would be with cats.  Cats that like to perch on your desk constantly, that is.

Office Redo-Plan and Inspiration

The ladder style bookshelf I have I also got for free from a co-worker.  He was just going to throw it out, and since he knew I was always up for free stuff, asked me if I was interested.  I actually do love this bookshelf.  It matches my desk great in style lines and color, of course.  The vertical poles are metal, while the shelves are wood.  You can adjust the shelf heights individually.  I like being able to have my printer off my desk and on the bookshelf.  But, like my desk, it’s BLACK!

 Office Makeover-Plan and Inspiration

Now, let’s move on to the chair.  My husband bought me this chair one year for Valentine’s Day.  At the time I was so excited to have a high back chair to replace the $15 one I’d gotten as a hand-me down from my parents.  I think it was our original computer chair we bought with our first computer in 1995–seriously.  Hey, it worked.  Well, that is, until 2 of the bolts fell out where the seat bottom attached to the chair itself.  Then it didn’t work so well.  So anyway, the new chair was a GREAT present.  It even has a massage feature built in–a feature I think I’ve used twice.  So what is wrong with it you might ask?  Well, first off, it’s BLACK!  Second, it’s pleather and has been destroyed by–you guessed it–cat claws.  Third, the style of it does not go with the desk and bookshelf.  It’s much to heavy and traditional.  

Office Redo-Plan and Inspiration

My last struggle is that while I have a lot of desktop space, I seem to clutter it up with things like mail holders, label makers, and other things that are useful, but don’t really have a place anywhere else.  I have been envisioning shelves to go above one side of the desk to hold these things.

Alright-now that you have an idea of what I am dealing with, let’s talk about my plan for the space.  My overall goal is to create a very light and sophisticated space that has a hint of girly.  Keep in mind, we are renting for right now, so the walls will stay white, and I can’t change the layout much.

For the desk

1. Paint the wood pieces white. (currently the corner and the side on each piece of glass is wood) 

2. Spray paint the chrome legs either white or gray–still deciding on that one

3. Wrap the tempered glass in a lightweight geometric fabric.  Nothing too bold.

For the bookshelf

1.  Spray paint the metal bars gray

2. Paint the shelves white.

For the chair

1. Get rid of it!

2. Find an older chair, with spindled legs, and repurpose.

For more desk space

1. Turn leftover “wing” pieces from coffee table makeover into shelves

2. Paint shelves gray–DONE

3. Hang and put up office accessories—DONE

 Office Redo-Plan and InspirationOffice Redo-Plan and Inspiration

I also plan to make new curtains–of course–spray paint the accessories gold, and hang some new artwork above the new shelves.  I will be getting rid of all the cords below my desk too–such an eye sore!

I’ve been scouring Pinterest–of course–for some inspiration.  I have a color scheme picked out that I think will achieve the look I am going for.  I’ve been discovering that I have a bit of an eclectic taste.  I love mixing new and old, and that is not at all showing through in anything in my house!  I guess I need to get rid of EVERYTHING and just start over huh?  I doubt my husband would be down with that 😉

Here is my inspiration as well as color scheme.  You can find more inspiring ideas on my {INTERIOR DESIGN} board on Pinterest.

Office Redo-Plan and Inspiration

What do you all think?

The next part of the project I’ll be tackling is finding some new curtains, or fabric for curtains, as well as a fabric for the tempered glass.  Stay tuned for updates as they happen!

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