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Paper and Mail Organization System–Part 1

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I showed you my office inspiration last week and said one of the things I planned for the space was to come up with a paper organization system.   Today I have part one of my two part paper and mail organization system for you.

When I was going through tote after tote of my ‘crafty’ things, I came across this little gem.

Mail Sorter before

My mom actually gave it to me before we moved to Texas, knowing I could turn it into something.  She was using it just as is, because it fit in perfectly in her cottage style office.  I thought it could be a great way to keep my husband from piling mail up on my desk.  Since he mostly gets the mail, I am left with a big pile on my desk by the end of the week that I have to sort through.  Then some of it gets lost because it falls behind my desk, or on the floor etc.  It’s a nightmare!

So, I thought this little basket was the perfect solution to that problem.  Of course the current butterfly motif just wasn’t working, so I gave it a little facelift.

Mail Organizer 2

It’s a pretty bright facelift actually.  The coral color is perfect for my space though and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Now all my husband has to do is stick the mail in this basket.  No more piles of mail, or lost bills!

Mail Organizer

Next week I’ll show you part 2 of my paper and mail organization system.

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Mary-In the boondocks

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

This is so cute !!! A little paint goes a long way.. my motto !


Sunday 22nd of March 2015

Love the color! My husband does the same thing. Whenever he finds something around the house, it goes in a pile on my desk. Mail, craft supplies, random cords, whatever. So funny because I never thought anyone else did that.


Monday 23rd of March 2015

How funny! If only they would organize the stuff when they were "putting it away" lol