Printable Menu Plan and Grocery List–Week 2

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30 Days of Real Food Menu Plan and Grocery List Week 2

Alright! We finally have Week 2’s Printable Menu Plan and Grocery List for those of you following along on our 30 Day Challenge.  If you missed Week 1 you can download it HERE.  Keep in mind the menu plans were made for 2 people, so you may need to make adjustments according to how many are in your household. 

Don’t forget our rules!

  • No artificial flavors/sweeteners
  • No GMO produce (like corn, soy, squash) and no derivatives of these common GMO veggies (oils, starches, etc)
  • Only humanely raised meat and eggs (as your budget allows)
  • Antibiotic and Growth Hormone free Milk and dairy
  • No added preservatives unless naturally derived
  • No hydrogenated oils or fats

Also we are trying to stick to food that only have limited ingredients–no more than 5– and I should be able to recognize all of them.

On these printables I have marked the produce that should be bought organic.  You don’t need to break the bank buying organic.  Make sure you know the Clean Fifteen, Dirty Dozen method.

I’ve also included links to recipes in the PDF.  Some are mine and some are from other sources. 

You may also want to follow my 30 Days of Real Food board on Pinterest.

 30 Days of Real Food Week 2 Menu Plan and Grocery list

Click on the link above to download your printable list!

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