An Update on Goals for 2017

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 How are you doing on all  of those BIG goals you set at the beginning of the year? Have you hit those mini goals every time, are you struggling a long, or have you completely given up?? 

Well, for those of you who are rocking it, GREAT JOB! For those who are struggling or have given up, maybe you need a little refresher on How to Stay Focused on Your Goals. I know that I have read the post several times, because some of these big goals I set are hard to keep up with! But that’s life. They wouldn’t be big goals if they were easily reachable, right?

So, are you wondering where I am on reaching my goals? Well, luckily for you, that’s what this post is all about! So grab a cup and dig right in.

Update on Goals for 2017

Personal Goals

  • Lose 40 pounds to hit my target weight–My first mini goal of losing 15lbs was yesterday, and guess what? I hit it on the mark! Seriously, I was at 14.5lbs down and yesterday I weighed myself and hit the 15lb mark and then some. Now, I will admit that the first few months I lost next to nothing, but since my husband and I started on the Ketogenic diet, the weight is melting off. I’m excited to see where this new lifestyle will take us.
  • Eliminate added sugar from diet for good–I have successfully elminated all added sugars. The only sugars I eat now are natural sugars found in a lot of dairy, and the rare fruit I eat. However, I have discovered this sweetener and use it in my morning coffee. It’s Stevia, which is a naturally derived sweetener, but I still only use it when needed. I also use Erythritol for any baking needs.
  • Utilize FitBit Charge HR to it’s full potential–tracking goals, weight and calories in/out–I have been doing this for several months. My only wish is that I could track my nutrients and macros on FitBit. Instead I use MyFitnessPal app and it automatically syncs with FitBit
  • Run 3 miles without stopping (and work the dog up to it too)–I haven’t even started on this. I struggle with joint pain, especially my knees, ankles and toes, so running is really difficult for me. It’s not an excuse I know! No pain no gain 😉 My husband and I have been walking daily though which is a start to something.


Business Goals

  • Reach 10K followers on Instagram and Facebook–I’ll be completely honest with you guys, this goal is more than likely not going to happen in 2017. However, I have been steadily gaining followers on both IG and Facebook just by posting more regularly and interacting. It’s a lot harder than I think I originally imagined to gain real followers. Sure I could probably hit those numbers easily by the year’s end if I participated in silly “follow for follow” groups, or had an app to leave spammy type comments etc. But that’s not what I want. I want followers who actually want to follow me and interact with my posts! 
  • Reach 20K followers on Pinterest–Another goal that may or may not happen in 2017. I’m not counting it out quite yet because Pinterest is a completely different beast than IG and Facebook, but if they don’t get their kinks worked out soon this goal most definitely will not happen.
  • Grow my pageviews to over 150,000 views per month— My first mini goal was yesterday and I was supposed to be at 75,000. I wasn’t. However, I did hit that mark in January, which was the most pageviews I’ve ever had. February and March were awful for traffic, mostly because of Pinterest’s glitchy issues, but also because traffic tends to drop off for a lot of bloggers at that time of year. I imagine this will turn around and I will continue to see growth.
  • Earn $5,000 per month income working from home–This directly correlates with the amount of pageviews I get per month, so if my pageviews were down, so was my income. I am working on hopefully launching my own Virtual Assistant business soon, so that will help with monthly income. 
  • Grow Etsy shop into a successful, self sufficient business, earning $1000 per month–I have added so many new items to my shop since I first posted my goals, and have plans to add so much more!

So how have you done with keeping up with your goals? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! And if you haven’t made set any goals for this year, there’s no time like the present!



  1. Congrats on hitting your mini-goals! You are rocking it. I love seeing people reach their goals. You are also a better person than I am with that cutting out sugar-thing. I don’t believe that I could do that. You are seriously awesome!

    1. Thank you Marie! How sweet of you. Cutting out sugar is seriously so hard!! I have a major sweet tooth and love anything and everything with sugar in it.

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