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6 Weeks of Organization–Week 1–Linen Closet

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6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet


Ever since our trip to Chattanooga, I feel like I’ve been in a daze/fog and I can’t seem to sit down and focus on anything.  Is it my allergies causing a literal head fog?  Am I burnt out?  Or do I just have adult A.D.D?  I’m going to go with the latter…and ok maybe a little bit of allergies.

Maybe it’s a little bit of Spring Fever too.  I have to say, watching my seedlings grow everyday is really making me antsy to get outside and get some dirt under my fingernails.  Even if living in Texas comes with a much warmer climate, I’m holding off on planting anything outside for at least another month.

So instead of being 100% lazy, I figure I can at least start doing some cleaning/organizing/decluttering of the house.  After all, if our plans work out the way we hope they do, we will only be in this place until our lease runs up.  So you know what THAT means, moving…again.  Just thinking about packing up everything..again..and so soon..makes my head swim.

Anyway.  Since I will be starting this process, I decided, what better than to share it with everyone!  By the way..this is a no judging series.  You are NOT allowed to judge my before spaces–they are pretty terrible.

Today I started with cleaning out our Linen Closet/Catch all/Medicine Cabinet.  When we moved in I literally just shoved all of the blankets we never use, the medications and supplies for the animals, and our medications in this closet and never looked back.  Everytime I open that closet I cringe…it’s awful.  Not to mention, we also keep one of the litter boxes in this closet…that makes it even better.

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet


I started by clearing off all of the shelves, dusting and wiping them down.  When re-organizing its much easier to see the big picture if you start with a blank canvas!

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet

Next I re folded EVERYTHING–towels, blankets, sheets.  I made sure the sheets were all together and organized in one of their pillowcases, nice and neat.  The blankets were folded to the same size, as were the towels.  I got rid of any washcloths and towels that were threadbare, scratchy, or losing strings and threw them in my rag basket.  Those will come in handy later on for dusting, cleaning etc.   Wow we had a lot of washcloths for just 2 people!

I put all of the sheets on the top shelf along with my rag basket.  Next shelf is where I put our extra blankets, and on the second to last shelf is for the now nicely folded towels, washcloths, and hand towels.

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet


6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet

Next I tackled all of the human medications.  While some people may wonder why I felt the need to clarify human vs. pet medications, others will understand that when you work in the Vet field and you have 4 animals, they tend to accumulate a lot of supplies

I threw out everything that was expired.  Then I used my 3 drawer organizer to keep all of the bandage materials together, ointments and creams together, and in the bottom section, all of my freebie samples I’ve gotten in the mail.

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet


6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet


Then in one of the baskets I put all of the boxes of things and containers of Alcohol, Peroxide, sprays, heat wraps etc.   In the second basket is where I put all of our bottles of medications.

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet

After everything was put away pretty-like, I tackled the PET medications.  Since all 3 out of 4 of our animals have some sort of medical issue I have accumulated multiple medications and supplies.  I also have been blessed by getting free samples of monthly preventions they need from various pharmacy reps.  Needless to say, having a dedicated area for pet supplies is a MUST in my house.

I organized everything by keeping medical supplies and medications together, keeping monthly preventatives and OTC supplements together, and finally kept all of the shampoos and smelly stuff together.

Even after getting everything in it’s place I have some extra space that I’m sure I will fill with something while I continue my decluttering.

There!  Doesn’t that look so much better?!

6 Weeks of Organization--Week 1--Linen Closet

Next week I will be tackling our Master Bathroom.  See how I use Target Dollar Spot baskets to my advantage to organize my husbands deodorant!

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