DIY Spring Floral Wreath

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Brighten up your front door in minutes with this beautiful and easy DIY Spring floral wreath! Take away the Winter blues and welcome Spring with a pop of color!

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The weather has been so back and forth here lately. It warmed up to the high 60s for a few weeks, the birds were singing and the grass was starting to turn green. My husband and I even got our camper out to start prepping it for our many camping trips planned this year. Then, without warning, it got cold again! We were lucky enough not to get all of the snow our families got, but it’s still been cold and rainy. Where is Spring?

So to rebel a little against Mother Nature, I decided to make a new Spring wreath for our front door. Just because it’s cold, rainy and dreary outside doesn’t mean my front door has to be that way right?

DIY Spring Floral Wreath

Items you’ll need:

I started by picking up a pretty Spring floral bunch from Michael’s when they were having their “Lowest Prices of the Season” sale for 60% off! I chose this bunch that had big blooms and bright colors. I love the look of flowers on a grapevine wreath (like this Spring Berry Wreath) so I decided to go that same route.

I simply cut each flower from the bunch using the wire cutters. I left about 2 inches of stem just so I had something to tuck into the grapevine wreath.

Then I played around with the placement of the flowers until I came up with something I liked. I decided to make the big blooms the focus, and tucked in some of the smaller ones between those. Then I added in some of the leaves and other greenery that was part of the original floral bunch.

Once everything was place the way I wanted, I used some hot glue to keep the flowers in place.

I was worried about how my finished DIY Spring floral wreath would look on my red door, but I actually love it! The colors don’t seem to clash, and instead kind of work together to really brighten it up!

I love a fun colored door, but it really works against my creations sometimes. Once it warms up a bit I might just break down and paint it a more neutral color.

If you are looking for more seasonal ideas to decorate your front door or just your home in general, check out my other Spring crafts/diy/recipes page!

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Easy to make DIY Spring Floral Wreath



  1. I love the simplicity on the one hand and the burst of colours on the other hand of your wreath 🙂 Very spring-y indeed! Thanks for sharing over at the Friday Favorites linky party!

  2. Love the colors! Definitely says, “welcome spring”! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  3. This wreath turned out bright and beautiful! I love all of the floral colors! I have never made a wreath myself, but this wreath makes me want to make one! I think it looks great on your red door. The flowers pop out with their colors!

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