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If you’re anything like me, you have A.D.D when it comes to cleaning.  I always start off with a clear plan in my head, like cleaning the kitchen, and then something else that’s dirty catches my eye–and I’m off on another task.  Before you know it, I have every cleaning supply in my arsenal out on the kitchen counters, but I haven’t even really cleaned up anything. 

Free Printable Easy Cleaning list

And my A.D.D. doesn’t just limit itself to cleaning either.  It interferes with blogging, doing projects, pinning and..oooh shiny…

Sound familiar? 

I’ve tried writing out a list of what days I need to do what tasks, and while that seems to work for a bit, I will eventually start to stray from that plan.  So instead, I came up with a simple checklist of things I do in my house daily, weekly, and monthly.  That way, I can just check off each weekly task when I do it, instead of setting a certain day that it gets done.


cleaning list


Now while this won’t help with my A.D.D.–that’s a lost cause– it will at least keep me on track and help me remember to do each thing.  I find this really helps with my monthly tasks.  Instead of wondering when the last time I did one of those things, I just have to look at my list.  I keep mine in a page protector so I can write the date next to the weekly and monthly tasks.  That way it’s easy to look up when it was done last.  Easy peasy.

And since I like you and all I decided to share my list.  I even added in a few blank spots where you can write in your own tasks that maybe aren’t on there.

You can click HERE to download your list!


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