No Sew Curtains

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I’ve been plugging away on my little office makeover to get everything ready for the big reveal.  

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One thing I was very undecided on was what to do with the window.  The window is wide, but not very tall, and, being that it faces the back of the house, is higher off the floor than the other windows on the front.

Currently there are ugly plastic mini blinds on the window–new but ugly. 

I was having a mental debate on whether or not to make custom shades, get faux wood blinds to match the rest of the house, or just get curtains.  I decided to go with just curtains for now because my biggest focus on this office makeover is keeping it frugal cheap. 


Now, before we go any further–I probably could have made my own shades rather inexpensively, but 1) my sewing skills are not that fine tuned, and 2) I really don’t like blocking out the natural light that comes in now with the blinds.

And even better, I was able to “make” these curtains for under $20 and I already had the curtain rod.  You just can’t beat that!!

no sew curtains 2

If you’ve ever been to Walmart, you know that they sell twin flat bedsheets for $5 a piece ($4.88 to be exact).  They have just about every solid color you could think of, as well as some prints. 

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How To Make No Sew Curtains

What you’ll need

  1. Start by washing the sheets, then ironing to get all of the wrinkles out.  I find these sheets love to wrinkle very easily.
  2. Next slide the curtain rings onto the curtain rod
  3. Hang each sheet using the wide hem at the top.  Try to space each clip out evenly

new sew curtains


See?  Easy, no sew curtains!

Now, if you want something that is more room darkening, you could sew (or use heat bond) two sheets together, or if you are using a color/print, sew a white sheet to the back of them. 

I love the way the light filters in through them as they are.


Some may prefer shorter lengths.  If that is the case you can cut to size and use heat bond to hem.  Personally, I am a sucker for long, puddling curtains. 

***Side Note: If anyone has any tips/tricks for photographing a window, I would LOVE to hear them.  I took pictures of these babies at every time of day, blinds closed, blinds open, blinds slightly open, you get the idea…and still I am left with this wash out.

I was thinking about stenciling on a design at first, but I think I love the plain white–crisp and clean. 

Who knows, maybe a while down the road I’ll change my mind–because that NEVER happens.


  1. What a great idea! We are going to be moving into a house that needs a ton of curtains and I will take any inexpensive ideas I can get! I’m definitely going to give this a try. Pinning, thanks for sharing!

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