20 More Free and Frugal Date Night Ideas

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Last year for Valentine’s Day I shared 21 Free and Frugal Date Night Ideas and the idea for a date jar. I was surprised at how popular it became then. Who would have thought that a few little date ideas would be so intriguing?

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With Valentine’s Day in just a few days and love in the air, I thought I would search the web to bring you 20 more free and frugal date night ideas! Make sure you check out my previous post for more ideas: 21 Free and Frugal Date Night Ideas

More Free and Frugal Date Night Ideas

  1. Take a free class (local museums and libraries offer free classes all the time)
  2. Visit a museum on free days
  3. Visit open houses just for fun
  4. Go to a free concert in the park
  5. Set up camp in your backyard
  6. Make S’mores in the fireplace (or microwave)
  7. Go on a free brewery (or winery) tour
  8. Attend a Home Depot workshop
  9. Go Geocaching
  10. Grab your iPod, spread out the furniture, and create your own dance party
  11. Learn a new skill together by watching YouTube videos
  12. Do a crossword puzzle together
  13. Watch a high school football game
  14. Volunteer together
  15. Go window shopping
  16. Create a list of what you would buy with $1 million
  17. Make a list of long-term goals and dreams
  18. Visit a thrift store and find something you can upcycle together (frugal)
  19. Recreate your first date, at home (frugal)
  20. Have a water gun or water balloon fight (frugal)

What are some things you and your spouse enjoy doing together that are free?

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  1. Fun ideas. I’ve actually done some of these with the hubby & kids.Done 1, 2, 4 , 5, 6 ,9 , 11, 14 ,15, & 17. Will have to work on the rest of the list.

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