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Remember back when I did a whole day of freezer cooking?  Remember how I said I had to go through and clean out my freezer before I could start?  Well ever since that day I have tried to keep my freezer more organized.  I usually keep a general idea of what I have in the freezer in my head, but when we got back from our trip to Illinois, I had kind of forgotten everything I had in there.  Not only that, but I had all of these meals I had made that weren’t getting used!

Freezer Inventory List

I decided that I needed to keep some sort of inventory list handy.  That way I could write down everything I have, and when I use something, erase it from the list.  So, I sat down and got to work!

Now you could use just make any ol’ table on Microsoft Word, and print that out for your list.  Does it serve its purpose? Yes.  Is it pretty?  No.  Does it really need to be pretty?  Of course it does!  What is a printable without pretty?

Freezer Inventory


So I created this free printable for you to use to keep track of your freezer inventory.  All you do is print it off, slide it in a page protector, grab a dry erase marker and have at it!   I decided to use a chip clip magnet I got at Target’s Dollar Spot awhile ago to hold it on my freezer.  You could also hot glue a magnet to the back of a clipboard too!

Click HERE to get your free printable!!


  1. Hey girlie!! I guess if I used this…I’d probably throw out half my freezer..LOL. Thanks for sharing!

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