How to Keep Spinach Fresh Longer

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Spinach can start to go bad after just a few days in the fridge. Keeping Spinach fresh can sometimes be tricky, so here are some tips and tricks for storing spinach the right way.

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Storing Spinach--the Right Way

My husband and I go through a LOT of spinach. We eat it on sandwiches, use it in salads, and do quite a bit of cooking with it. Spinach is a pretty versatile veggie. I was never exposed to spinach growing up, so it wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I actually gave it a shot.

I can’t say there is really much of a flavor to it–It’s like eating other leafy greens–but there are several health benefits to eating spinach. For one, it’s packed FULL of nutrients, and some of those nutrients have natural anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also good for your heart, brain, skin and gastrointestinal health.

bunch of spinach

About 3 months ago, I invested in a Prepworks by Progressive Lettuce Keeper from Amazon. It didn’t cost much, but sure has helped me save a lot of money in produce. The best part is, it fits a whole bunch of spinach. Literally, a bunch.

**Update–I’ve since bought a second of these produce keepers to keep things like Romaine, grapes, and fresh herbs fresh, depending on what I have in the fridge. There is also a berry keeper that is divided to allow 2 different types of storage.

How to Keep Spinach Fresh Longer

Even though I purchased the produce keeper, there are still a few more tricks to keep your spinach fresher for longer. Learn how to store your spinach the right way and make those leafy greens last so much longer in the fridge!

Don’t buy the bagged Spinach!

First off, I hardly ever buy bagged spinach anymore. Unless it is on sale for a good deal (we are talking $1.50 or less) I walk right past the bagged stuff. Generally speaking, “convenience produce” like bagged and prepped items, tend to be much more expensive, and sometimes lower quality.

I generally opt for the fresh stuff. I’m talking about the bunches of spinach. I do this for romaine and kale too! Not only are you going to spend less money this way, but I have found, time and time again, that it lasts much longer.

spinning the washed spinach until its dry

Wash Spinach in COLD water after buying

The first thing I do after getting home from the store and putting everything away is wash my produce. All of it. Really you should not skip this step if you want to keep spinach fresh for longer!

You can wash the spinach a few different ways. I like to take the bunch apart and rinse it well in small batches. You could fill up your sink with cold water and soak the leaves for a few minutes. Either way works fine.

While you are washing the leaves, take the time to sort out any bad leaves. What you want to avoid putting in your container are any leaves that are mushy, or brown/black. These will let rot start taking hold in the container and that is how spinach goes bad.

some mushy spinach leaves

Keep Spinach as Dry as Possible

Once you have washed the spinach, dry it really well. I have a Salad Spinner and I absolutely love it! It has saved me a lot of time and headaches. Simply place the leaves in the spinner, give it a few spins and you have dry leaves.

It’s important to get the leaves as dry as you can because the more moisture that sits on the leaves, the faster the spinach goes bad.

How to Store Spinach

Place the spinach in a Produce Keeper and pop it in the fridge. If you don’t have a produce keeper, don’t worry. You can use the same method I use to store my cilantro. It works the same way!

The important thing is to keep the leaves dry, but the environment moist, and that’s why the Produce Keeper works so well. You can adjust the amount of moisture that stays in the container.

spinach stored in produce keeper

Storing spinach the right way will definitely help you keep spinach fresh for much longer. There’s no reason why eating healthy should be more expensive with more waste!

keep leafy greens fresh pin image
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  1. My produce keeper by Progressive has a vent and a tray to put water in, below the spinach. Should my vent be open or closed? Should I put water in the tray? I’m thinking the vent open since you said moisture is good? Please help! Thank you ❤️

  2. This is a helpful solution to the problem I face as well. I live alone and love fresh produce but feel like I have to overdose on it for a few days just to eat it all up before it goes bad! Since I don’t have a spinner or air tight keeper, I found another little trick that helps. I usually buy organic spinach that comes in a plastic box. When I open it, I lay a double layer of paper towels over the the spinach and then store it in the fridge upside down. It draws the moisture out and seems to keep it fresh much longer. Same principle for those of us who are more kitchen gadget challenged! 😉

  3. This is very good to know as there is nothing worse than soggy spinach! Pinned and shared!

  4. I will definitely have to go check out that produce storage container. I had no idea they even made anything like that. I agree with you about spinach going bad. I love to make smoothies with it, but I only get a few days before the spinach is already bad! Thanks for the info. Very helpful 🙂

    1. I am so in love with my produce keeper. When it’s not full of Spinach, I keep romaine lettuce or fruit in it. I really need about 5 of them lol.

  5. Hey girlie!! I usually mix lettuce and spinach for my salads…I really need to start using my salad keeper aye? LOL

    Thanks so much for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday party last week. I look forward to seeing what you link up again this week. Hope you’ll be there!

    Have an awesome week 🙂

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