How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

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Setting new goals and planning out a new year has always been a huge motivator for me. I love the idea of a fresh start and in the beginning I’m super focused. But sometimes in our journey to reach our goals we can lose sight of the big picture and become discouraged and unfocused. Learn how to stay focused on your goals with these 4 tips.

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How to stay focused on your goals

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

List the reasons why.

Why did you set this goal in the first place? Was it for better health, more money, better self esteem? List out every single reason you had for setting those goals on a sheet of paper. Keep that sheet in your planner, on the fridge, or on a bulletin board so that you see it often. Most of the time we just need a gentle reminder as to why we are doing something to keep us at it. 


Write a letter to your future discouraged self.

This is a big one. When you run out of steam, or you hit an obstacle in achieving your goals, it is so easy to just quit. We give ourselves so many reasons to make us feel better about walking away from a half reached goal. Things like–“I don’t have time” or “This was too much to do anyway”. Believe me, I’ve been there, done it all.

I am particularly worried about my weight loss goal this year because trying to lose weight is filled with so many emotional roller coasters. For me, I usually start out on a hot streak and lose a decent amount of weight fast. Then after a few months, I plateau and it feels like I will never lose the rest of my weight. I get discouraged and the depression sets in. Then the cheating starts and with it comes the guilt, and then the whole cycle starts over. This year when I hit that plateau, I have a letter that I wrote at the beginning of the year that encourages me and reminds me why I am losing weight. It’s personal and filled with emotion and that will be just what I need to read when I am at my lowest point.

I also wrote a letter to my future self for my business goals. My focus really waxes and wanes throughout the year, and I get discouraged so easily. In the blogging world, it is so hard not to compare yourself to others and their success vs. yours. I know that this letter will really give me a boost and remind me why I am doing this.  This quote really says it all. 



Write words of encouragement in your planner

When I planned out my big goals and mini goals, I sprinkled words of encouragement throughout my planner. I included things that I knew would refocus me and make me smile–like “Hustle Girl” and “Put down the candy and get your butt outside”. While that last one might not sound like encouragement, for me it definitely works. You know yourself the best, so write things that will resonate with you! Seeing those words when you need it most will really help get your focused.

How to stay focused on your goals

Don’t forget about your mini goals

Yes you need to stay focused on the big picture, but don’t lose sight of those little triumphs a long the way. Reaching those mini goals will help to motivate you to your next mini goal, then the next and so on until you reach the BIG goal. Don’t underestimate the power those little victories can have on your overall focus!



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