Mini Master Bedroom Makeover Plan & Inspiration

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Since living in our rental house I have been yearning for a new master bedroom space. Unfortunately, doing a complete makeover just isn’t in the budget, nor is it wise since we will be purchasing a home in the very near future. So to satisfy the craving for an updated space, but also keep the budget (and my husband) happy, I’ll be doing a MINI master bedroom makeover instead. 

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The space we are working with is pretty small, and has enough room to just fit our bed, 2 small pedestal tables and a dresser. We just purchased a new linen comforter in January because we realized we needed warmer bedding. I don’t know if ya’ll know this, but Missouri gets just a bit colder in the Winter than Texas 😉


Mini Master Bedroom Makeover Plan

There are so many things I want to change about this space, but in sticking to a budget I will keep a lot of things the same. For instance, the bedding is staying (we just bought the comforter) and unfortunately the end tables will also stay. With this space being so tight, there is literally no room to add larger tables. I don’t want to be stuck with small nightstands, so I will wait to find new ones until we are in our new, hopefully larger, place. Hopefully I can find some similar to these when I am ready to buy.

I also have a few DIY projects planned, and a small gallery wall featuring artwork from Minted. The theme for this little makeover is focused on my husband and I’s constant moving. I picked some pieces from Minted’s curated collection to highlight some of our memories from the places we’ve lived and places we plan to go. I am really loving how it’s coming together so far!

One thing I am not allowed to change is the lamp on my husband’s side. He is weirdly proud of that lamp because he bought it himself several years ago. It actually fell off the table and broke a few years ago and he fixed it. I may not be able to replace it, but he never said anything about spray painting the base 😉

Here is what’s in store:

Mini Master Bedroom  Makeover Inspiration

What attracted me most to this space was the bedding, and let’s be honest THAT BED.(even though mid century modern furniture does not fit in with anything in my house). The slightly messy and lived in look to the bed immediately caught my eye. Who wouldn’t love to curl up in that bed on a rainy day?

In this space the gallery wall in place of the headboard really called out to me. 

I liked this space the best as far as color scheme goes. I do not plan on replacing my bedding since I just bought our comforter, so I am working with the blues and grays. I really like how pulled together the colors are in this room. And if I wasn’t living in a rental I would TOTALLY have a navy accent wall.

I have already started on a few projects for our new mini master bedroom makeover and can’t wait to share the progress with you! Be sure to sign up for my weekly emails so you don’t miss any projects as they are finished.  


  1. You know…. you just made me realized that I should ask my husband if he cares if I paint his bedside lamp… he also has one that he insists stays. I love your ideas and I really like the new linen comforter you have and your color scheme is cool. Makes me think “stormy.” I am excited to see your results.
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Men are so strange sometimes in what they are about and what they don’t lol. My husband doesn’t know that I’m painting his lamp yet..but I’m sure he will be fine with it. Glad you like the color scheme!!

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