Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins

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If you’re like me you love to decorate for Fall, but you hate spending a lot of money doing it. That’s where these cute painted dollar store pumpkins come in.

Take dollar store pumpkins and transform them with a little paint to fit any decor

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My local Dollar Tree is packed with Fall decor, and while some of the little pumpkins and gourds are cute as is, a lot of the colors are too bright and bold for my taste. For Fall I love neutrals with pops of muted oranges and maroons.

On one of my trips to Dollar Tree I picked up an assortment of fake pumpkins and gourds, figuring I would figure out a way to transform them into something more me. I started with a few small orange pumpkins, and gourds, as well as a larger foam pumpkin, and using paint I was able to transform them to fit into our newly decorated dining room.

I don’t have great before pictures, but I started with a large orange foam pumpkin, 2 smaller plastic pumpkins, and 2 gourds-one plain and one crackled.  Not pictured are the 2 gourds before.

Pumpkins before

I started by removing the stems from the pumpkins.  The plastic ones were just inserted in, but the foam pumpkin I actually broke off the stem.  You’ll see why later.

For one of the small pumpkins and the larger foam pumpkin I decided to do a few layers of an antique white chalky paint, and went over it with brown wax, I love how the wax crept into all of the nooks and crannies to give them a realistic look!

Painted Pumpkin

The crackled gourd I painted 2 layers of white chalky paint. Once that was dry, I went over it with a brown wax, really working it into the cracks and crevices. You can see where the original crackles were, but instead of being a gaudy orange it’s now a beautiful neutral, fitting in with the rest of my Fall decor.

Painted Gourd

For the last small pumpkin and gourd, I decided just to paint them a plain gray to put on my newly painted ladder shelf in our dining room. I used a white primer first, then used regular acrylic paint for the gray.

The large foam pumpkin I turned into a small centerpiece by gluing on faux flowers and dried grasses.  I think it looks beautiful sitting on our farmhouse table, and will be the perfect touch for the rest of the Fall season.

Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

In all, $5 in faux pumpkins and gourds really went a long way in giving our dining room the perfect little touches of Fall.



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