Black and White Christmas Tree

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If you are looking for black and white Christmas tree decorations look no further. This year’s tree is a flocked tabletop Christmas tree decorated with black, white, and galvanized metal for a more modern look black and white Christmas tree.

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Overview of black and white decorated flocked Christmas tree

For this year’s tree, I decided to change things up drastically! I have always wanted a flocked Christmas tree, so this year I took the plunge. I stuck with the same size tree as I had last year, because it really fits so well in this spot in our living room.

This flocked Christmas tree was very inexpensive at $27 from Walmart! It is well flocked, and pre-lit, so I don’t have to worry about fussing with lights. Plus, as far as artificial trees go, this one is pretty full! The only thing I don’t like is how long the very top branch is, so I folded it in half to place the star topper. How cool would this black and white Christmas tree look with a Black Christmas Tree like this one? So many possibilities.

Overview of black and white decorated flocked Christmas tree

Black and White Christmas Tree Decorations

Let’s start with the black and white ribbon! I did a poll over on my Instagram stories a few days ago, asking what ribbon I should use on the white flocked tree. It was between this black and white herringbone and a white faux fur ribbon. Overwhelmingly you suggested the herringbone, and you couldn’t be more right! It’s a nice subtle touch!

Flocked tabletop Christmas tree with black and white ornaments

My favorite black and white Christmas tree decorations are these hand-lettered ornaments. Would you believe they were made with my hand lettering and a Cricut? They are made using Cricut chipboard on a Maker with the knife blade. If you have a Cricut, hop over to get the tutorial to make your own.

Black hand lettered ornaments close up "Merry" on flocked black and white Christmas tree

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a plethora of galvanized metal ornaments at Hobby Lobby when I was out trying to gather ideas. These snowflake ornaments are a great touch for the black and white tree and decorations. They had many others as well, but some were just a bit too country. I did end up removing the blue gingham ribbon that came on these snowflake ornaments.

Galvanized metal snowflake ornament close up on flocked Christmas tree

Another find that helped solidify the theme for this year’s black, white, and galvanized metal tree, were these metal look “joy” ball ornaments from Target. They had black “merry” ones too, as well as red and white. Believe it or not, these suckers are HEAVY! A similar set is available on Amazon too.

Close up of galvanized metal ball ornament with JOY typography

The finishing touch to this black and white Christmas tree decor is the galvanized metal tree collar. I scored this at Hobby Lobby for cheap! It is just slightly smaller than the feet of the tree are wide, but you can’t tell! The feet are actually tucked under the blanket, with the collar resting on top for a finished look. This hammered black metal one on Amazon is a great idea for a full-size tree! It even comes in galvanized.

Flocked Christmas tree with metal tree cuff

And I couldn’t help but include my cute little camper from last year under the tree! Sure it’s not black and white, but she sure blends in nicely against the black, white and galvanized metal. It also looks great with this year’s gift wrap of white paper and black hand lettering!

rustic tabletop camper next to base of Christmas tree and wrapped presents

Shop this black and white Christmas tree!

Black and white flocked Christmas tree decorated

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  1. Your full and lush black and white flocked tree is gorgeous! I’m very excited to see how you made the awesome word ornaments with your Cricut machine. I saw the adorable vintage camper recently and kicking myself for not getting. It looks great with your tree.

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