White Chocolate Christmas Puppy Chow

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White chocolate Christmas Puppy chow or Muddy Buddies is a fun twist on a traditional snack for the holidays!
Servings: 7 cups
Time: 20 minutes

Traditional muddy buddies recipe made with a twist in this white chocolate Christmas puppy chow recipe with M&M’s. It’s a great Christmas movie snack to enjoy for the holidays!

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puppy chow in Christmas tins
puppy chow in Christmas tin overhead close up
This post was originally written and published in December 2015 but has since been rewritten and updated.

Some of you know it as muddy buddies, but I’ve always referred to the delicious chocolate peanut butter snack as puppy chow. Chocolate and peanut butter are melted together to coat Chex cereal. Then the coated cereal is tossed in powdered sugar to create a sweet, and highly addictive, snack recipe! For this version, I used only white chocolate and added some festive red and green M&M’s for a Christmas puppy chow twist.

Since today’s festive Christmas idea is all about Christmas movies, I decided that this white chocolate Christmas puppy chow recipe is a great idea to share! You can make a batch and have a great Christmas movie snack for all of this season’s binge-watching.

Overhead muddy buddies in Christmas tins with red and green m&ms

I remember as a kid how my mom would make puppy chow in huge batches as a snack. She always saved the large ice cream tubs and would store puppy chow or muddy buddies in those tubs. With that thought in mind, I picked up these adorable little Christmas tins which are the perfect size to carry around. Mini ice cream tubs if you will 😉 Transporting them from the kitchen to the couch to watch Christmas movies will be a cinch!

Side view of christmas tins filled with puppy chow

The best part about snacking on a handful of this Christmas puppy chow is finding a large chunk of the Chex cereal pieces stuck together and coated solid in the white chocolate and peanut butter mix. Bonus if that handful has some M&M’s in it!