DIY Red and White Christmas Wreath

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Festive red and white Christmas wreath that you can DIY in no time. Just a wreath form, greenery and a bow and you have a beautiful wreath to decorate your front door.

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White wreath with red berries and greenery over a chalkboard

A few months ago, I was in Michael’s and they had $5 grab “bags” of wreaths. I picked up a pack of FOUR pre-made wreaths, all with different base types. One of those bases, or wreath forms, was a beautiful white wicker wreath. The others included variations of grapevine wreaths, but this baby was well worth the $5 alone!

It was simple to remove the very Spring inspired greenery that was on it, so I could turn it into a beautiful white and red Christmas wreath instead. Here’s how to make one for yourself (with any wreath form!)

DIY White Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed:

The simplest way to make a Christmas wreath like this one is to start with already made for you floral stems. I picked up this branch from Hobby Lobby for 50% off!

Next, attach the branch to the front of the wreath form using floral or paddle wire. I like to attach it in several places to make sure the branch will stay secure.

Close up of floral stems attached to wreath form with floral wire

At the bottom, if your branch has a very thick base wire you may not be able to cut off the excess and that’s OK. Simply bend it in half and tuck it back up toward the top of the branch like in the photo below. Snip off any excess wire from the smaller pieces and secure with more floral wire.

Close up of floral stems attached to wreath form with floral wire

Add a bow or wrap ribbon around the bottom of the branch to cover up the wires. I used a pre-made burlap bow I scored on clearance after Christmas last year. I think a beautiful black and red tartan plaid bow or ribbon would look great with this wreath!

White wreath with red berries and greenery over a chalkboard

I had planned to hang my new DIY Christmas wreath on our front door, but my wreath hanger is just a bit too narrow to hold it. Until I can get a new one or bite the bullet and put a nail hole in our door, I think it looks just fine on our dining room chalkboard. The snowflake buffalo plaid ribbon hanging it up is a nice finishing touch.

Close up of pinecone, red berries and frosted greenery with burlap bow

Who knows, maybe I’ll leave the Christmas wreath to decorate our chalkboard this year, instead of like the drink bar I’ve done in year’s past? For now it can accompany this beautiful vintage decanter that used to belong to my husband’s grandfather. He collected decanters and we are fortunate enough to have a few! This one is actually a set of 2 decanters, the other is for scotch.

Vintage bourbon decanter with gold rimmed highball glasses on a red and white grain sack table runner

What do you think? Chalkboard or front door for our DIY Christmas wreath?

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  1. Amanda, your wreath is just perfect! I love the red and green in contrast with the white wreath. Kudos to you for finding that $5 grab bag! I’ll be on the lookout for those!

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