Comfy Fall Pillows and Throws

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Get ready for the cool Fall weather by loading up your home with these affordable and comfy Fall pillows and throws!

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Fall is my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Midwest, I always looked forward to the changing leaves, the crispness in the air, and hoodies! Now that I live in Texas, Fall isn’t that grand in terms of leaves and cool weather (I’d be happy if it was in the low 80’s at this point), but that doesn’t stop me from being excited! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I busted out my Fall decor a few days ago!

Decorating for Fall is in my opinion the second best time of year to go all out with Christmas being number one of course. Fall decor for me is a mix of florals and pumpkins, but also includes some comfy Fall pillows and throws. Because really, what is more inviting than a couch full of cozy throw pillows? And you just have to have a warm and fuzzy blanket or two to curl up in, even if the weather outside is in the 90’s. A girl can dream a little right?

So keeping that in mind for this year, I’ve searched high and low for some of the best comfy Fall pillows and throws to add to my home.

The Best Comfy Fall Pillows and Throws

I have to admit that the orange plaid pillow is my absolute favorite, but the dark gray faux fur throw looks so cozy to snuggle up with! To find out more about the products, simply click on the photo.

**Products updated August 2020 to reflect current stock of fall pillows and throws available**

What is your favorite part about Fall? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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    1. I totally get you! In my house though, they just end up on the floor and therefore are covered in dog hair LOL. Oh well, they look nice for a little bit!

    1. I need more throw pillows in my life. Up until now I didn’t see the point of them because they just end up thrown on the floor when we are on the couch anyway, but with all of these possibilities I NEED more!

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