JOY Christmas Wreath

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Make this simple and beautiful Joy Christmas wreath in no time! You can customize the color scheme to fit into any decor.

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JOY christmas Wreath

No holiday decor is complete without some sort of Christmas wreath. Am I right? That’s exactly what my decor has been missing this season, but I had been lacking in the idea department.

I went to Hobby Lobby a few days ago to grab a few crafting items and decided to browse through their Christmas decor that was 50% off. You can’t beat a good deal. Joy Merry Christmas Wreath

That’s when I spotted the evergreen wreaths and the Joy Christmas Wreath idea just hit me.

How to make a Joy Christmas Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need:

Start by fluffing up the evergreen wreath (because artificial pine tree anything is never fluffed)

Trace each wooden letter out onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.


Using Mod Podge, glue on the scrapbook paper to each letter. Go over the top of the paper with another coat of Mod Podge to seal it.


While the letters are drying, insert the berry boughs into the wreath as desired. I used 3 on each side of the wreath because symmetry makes me very happy.

Insert the floral wire in each bell ornament. This makes it easier to secure the ornaments to the wreath.

Bell Ornaments 2

Stick the floral wire down into the wreath in the desired spot and twist around the base of the wreath to ensure the ornament is secure.

Make a bow out of the burlap ribbon and secure it to the top with floral wire.

Using a glue gun, attach pine cones in desired spots. Again I used 3 on each side to keep it symmetrical.

Once the letters have dried, glue them onto the bottom of the wreath.

Joy Christmas Wreath 2

Now you’re ready to hang the Christmas wreath on your front door for all to see!

Cost breakdown for this project was $5 for the wreath, $5 for the letters, $0.60 for scrapbook paper, $1 bell ornaments, $6 berry boughs (mine had pinecones with them) and everything else I had in my craft arsenal.  Total = $17.60

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Such a fun and simple way to decorate your front door for Christmas with this Joy wreath

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