‘Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

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A simple patriotic wooden sign that you can display on your front door, a mantel or even on your walls! Just some vinyl, ribbon and these free cut files are all you need to complete this project.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve busted out my Silhouette Cameo, but crafting up this ‘merica patriotic wooden sign has me wanting to vinyl all the things! I even contemplated cutting some vinyl for our cooler. Yes, a cooler. But I digress.

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

Every year I have to make some sort of red white and blue door decor, and really this year is no different. It just seems like I have to keep topping what I did the year before and I think I really nailed it this time around!

‘Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

Supplies Needed:

If you are also going to be using this exact U.S.A cutout from Michaels, this cut file here is already skewed to go around the various state shapes. Otherwise, you can download this ‘Merica cut file and manipulate it to fit the wooden sign you’ll be using for the project.

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

For cutting and layering the blue, red and white vinyl I used Silhouette School’s easy to follow tutorial. The basic concept is to cut squares that will be in the same place for each color, therefore making the layers easy to line up. Her tutorial is much more detailed than that, so be sure to check it out!

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

Since my U.S.A. sign is longer than the 12″x 12″ cutting mat, I chose to do mine in two different sections. However, I now have a 24″x12″ cutting mat that works fabulously for this project. If you are using the same cut out, I would highly recommend picking one up to save you the headache of trying to do it in pieces!! Also, I really love this brand of cutting mat! They are less expensive than the Silhouette brand and they stay tacky longer!

After the vinyl is layered, apply it to your wooden sign using the vinyl smoothing tool to get out all of the bubbles. My piece has a bit of texture to it so that does show through on the vinyl, but it’s not too noticeable. Be careful that you don’t tear the vinyl smoothing it over those bumps!

The last step to do is add a little bow (optional). My patriotic wooden sign just happened to look a little bit bare hanging on my front door and needed a little extra something at the top. I tied a double bow in both red and blue sheer ribbon.

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

Then using the ready made hanger on the back of the sign, I tied the ribbons on. If you don’t have somewhere to tie them on, a little bit of hot glue should do the trick!

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

After that it was ready to hang on my front door. But this patriotic wooden sign would be great decor on a mantel, or just hanging up anywhere in the home too! I just love how it looks with my red door!

'Merica Patriotic Wooden Sign

Thanks to the layered vinyl there is enough contrast and it can even be spotted from the road! This may be my new favorite patriotic door decor I have now!!

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  1. Love the layering on your sign. In fact I love the sign especially for Patriotic decor. Thanks for the tutorial link. I need all the help I can get!

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