Simple Evergreen Hoop Wreath DIY Project

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Grab an embroidery hoop, some Christmas greenery, and ribbon to make this simple evergreen hoop wreath- a fast and easy DIY project perfect for Christmas!

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Simple Evergreen Hoop Wreath final

Originally this evergreen hoop wreath was going to be a double hoop wreath. However, I quickly learned that with the extra weight of the center ornament, and the double hoop, that the weight was not going to be distributed equally for it to hang properly. Instead, I made this project even more simple by making just a single hoop wreath. Seriously, this tutorial is SO easy to make your own simple evergreen hoop wreath in minutes. Check it out!

Simple Evergreen Hoop Wreath finished

Simple Evergreen Hoop Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Step by step instructions

If desired you can paint the hoop wreath but do that first before starting the rest of the project. I chose to leave mine natural, but a nice crisp white would look so good with this hoop wreath project.

First, start by using wire cutters to snip off pieces of the evergreen bunch. My bunch came from Michael’s, but use whatever strikes your fancy.

Next, arrange each piece of greenery in your desired pattern and attach them to the embroidery hoop with paddle wire.

In the center, wrap ribbon around the hoop to cover the stems. Use some hot glue to secure the end of the ribbon to the back of the embroidery hoop wreath to hide any seams.

Add Ornament with wire

Attach the center snowflake crystal ornament using a drop of hot glue to the ribbon on the hoop wreath. Then secure with paddle wire. This is why I chose silver wire so that it would blend in with the snowflake ornament. Choose a color similar to your embellishment so that it doesn’t stand out.

hoop wreath closeup

Optional: Add some ribbon to the top of the embroidery hoop to hang the finished wreath from. Or, hang the finished simple evergreen hoop wreath on a wreath hanger for your door like I did.

evergreen wreath side view
ornament on wreath

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  1. Love how elegant the design of this wreath is! My mum-in-law gifted my a similar snowflake ornament last year, so I appreciate the inspiration.

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