Easy Watercolor Fall Leaf Banner

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Add a little bit of whimsy to your fall mantel this year with an easy to make watercolor fall leaf banner. Only a few simple supplies are needed!

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Lately, I have really gotten on the watercolor bandwagon! It’s so relaxing to just sit down with some paints, and go to town. The colors blend together so easily and seamlessly, create such a soft look.

But let’s be honest, watercolor is hard! I’ve tried painting pumpkins, fall leaves, and several other things but none of them resemble anything close to what they are supposed to. Since my attempts at creating realistic-looking watercolor paintings have failed miserably, I decided I could create a pretty watercolor fall leaf banner instead. It doesn’t take any sort of painting talent, so it’s a project made just for me! And if you can’t paint anything realistic to save your life, then this project is for you too!

Would you believe I didn’t even use my Silhouette Cameo for this project? Just a regular printer and some scissors! Seriously, anyone can replicate this very simple fall leaf banner.

How to Make a Watercolor Fall Leaf Banner

Items You’ll Need:

Start by painting a sheet of watercolor paper in the colors of your choosing. I stuck with a more neutral palette but painted very haphazardly to create a more realistic look. You could paint in an ombre effect, stripes, chevrons, whatever you desire. There is no wrong way to do it!

Make a leaf pattern stencil by printing leaf graphics out onto plain paper. Cut the shapes out, and trace them onto the back of the painted watercolor paper. For this, I used 3 different leaf shapes.

Cut each leaf out of the watercolor paper and set aside.

Using the hole punch, make a hole at the bottom of each leaf. This will allow you to thread twine through each hole to hang the watercolor fall leaf banner

Once each leaf is threaded onto twine, it’s time to hang it up!

See how easy this watercolor fall leaf garland is to make? It looks great hanging on our wood mantel, next to the dark brick fireplace!

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Easy Watercolor Fall Leaf Banner

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  1. I love watercolors but can’t seem to paint realistic things either, haha! I love simple painting projects like this that let you be more abstract 🙂 Pinned & sharing on FB!

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