April Monthly Meal Plan

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Another month has come and gone! Is Spring finally making an appearance in your neck of the woods? It’s taking a little bit of adjustment for me to get used to the winter just wanting to hang on as long as it possibly can. Even though I’ve been told this has been a very mild winter, I still ache to get some flowers planted and put my potted plants back outside for good. In Texas they would have been out probably all winter and I would have had flowers planted weeks ago. Hopefully this last little cold snap is the last one for the season and I can soon enjoy sunshine, singing birds and blooming flowers.

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Our monthly meal plan for April is something a little different than normal. My husband and I have made the decision to start on the Ketogenic Diet. I will admit that I was a huge skeptic at first and thought it was just another fad diet. After a lot of research I learned that not only has this diet been around for years and years to treat seizures, but it has been studied with various heart problems, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and others with positive results.

I was diagnosed with PCOS a little over 2 years ago and have been struggling with insulin resistance and weight loss. I’m hoping with this new diet that maybe I can counteract these problems (along with many many others that go along with PCOS) to start feeling better and boost my energy level. 

Not familiar with Keto? It is essentially a very low carb, high fat diet with moderate protein, but the science behind why it works is so fascinating! Here is a great article to read if you are into scientific study. The macros for this diet are around 5-10% carbs, 25-35% protein and 65-75% fat. Your body essentially retrains itself to burn the fats you consume instead of carbohydrates like it’s supposed to.

It should be interesting to see the results! I’ll keep you guys posted.

Below is our new Ketogenic meal plan for April, and if you want even more ideas on dinner you can follow my Pinterest board too.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

  • Monday– Yellow Curry (with cauliflower instead of potato)
  • Tuesday–Tacos with cheese shells
  • Wednesday–Lemon chicken and broccoli
  • Thursday–Southwest salad with salsa
  • Friday–Fat head pizza
  • Saturday–Chili lime salmon and broccoli
  • Sunday–Bunless burgers and cottage cheese

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