Burned Wood Slice Ornaments

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How to make your own burned wood slice ornaments. Great for finishing touches on the tree, or to give as a gift for the holidays! Burned Wood Slice Ornament

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I told you guys a few weeks ago about this large branch that fell in our yard and how I cut a bunch of wood slices to use in projects. This is the second project I’m using this branch for but it’s not the last! Stick around next week to see what else I’m doing with it!

These burned wood slice ornaments have been an idea floating around in my head since my husband gave me his old Weller soldering iron. He upgraded to a more powerful one that he uses to do a lot of motherboard and computer part soldering (way too technical for me).

**Update, I’ve since upgraded to this one and I love it! It’s easier to handle!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to get burning for quite a while, and I finally had the perfect project to use it.

It was fairly easy to make these burned wood slice ornaments, plus since I’m a bit of a pyro, it was super fun to have a reason to burn something.

How to make Burned Wood Slice Ornaments

Items you’ll need:

I started by printing out 4 different snowflake designs onto paper.

Wood slices

Then, using the same method as my “Gather & Feast” sign, I transferred the snowflake design onto each wood slice.

Wood Slice Ornaments

Carefully I used my wood burning tool to burn the snowflake design onto each wood slice. It was so fun to have an excuse to burn things.

Burned Snowflake Wood Slice Ornaments

I will admit that I got a little impatient at the end and may have rushed the last one. This caused me to make a few mistakes, so I ended up filling in the design.

To finish off the burned wood slice ornaments I used a little bit of red and white twine to hang them from.

Rustic Burned Wood Slice Ornaments

If you don’t have a woodburning tool don’t worry! You can draw the designs on with a sharpie and they will turn out just as beautiful. But you really should think about getting one because it’s just fun.

The best part? This little project only cost my time and a little bit of printer ink.

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Burned Wood Slice Ornaments Hero

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  1. We inherited a wood burning tool a few years ago and it is a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to make some wood burned ornaments with my boys but wasn’t sure where to start design wise. Thanks for the idea! Pinned.

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