Easy Dresser Organization Tips

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Keeping a dresser full of clothes neat and tidy can be a little difficult. Here’s my easy dresser organization tips and tricks to help you tame the clothes monster.

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Welcome to the Drawer Organization Blog Hop!

I’ve teamed up with 10 bloggers for the entire month of April to organize the drawers around our home. Each week we are featuring a different room around the house to focus on. This is week four and our last challenge! Check out how we tackled our bedroom drawers this week.

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Easy Dresser Organization Tips

My husband and I were so spoiled in our last house because we both had our own GIANT walk in closet in our master bedroom. That meant just about all of my clothes got hung up in the closet, and we didn’t have to fight over space in our small dresser.

Well our current place still has two closets, but both combined are about the size of just one of those walk in closets we used to have. Luckily, my husband doesn’t have a bunch of clothes, but I do seem to collect a ton of t-shirts and tank tops. In my small closet I keep my dress clothes and dresses hung up, but I like to keep my tanks and tees in our dresser drawers for easy access. I decided for this week’s challenge to take on those drawers in particular.

I don’t have any before photos because I just picked up these collapsible bins from Ikea and went to work! I’ll be honest though, the before wasn’t too bad. I did tend to keep my clothes folded up pretty nicely, but the problem I was running into was having the space to fit them all.


  • Use some collapsible bins to keep like items, such as  t-shirts, tank tops, shorts etc., together. I really do like these from Ikea.
  • Fold each piece of clothing the same way so when they are put in the bins, everything is neat and uniform looking.
  • Stack folded clothes vertically to fit more pieces into each bin and drawer.
  • Roll sweatpants, shorts and pajamas to fit more into each space.

As you can see, my t-shirt drawer definitely has more room now to fit a few more and before I did not have that luxury. I will definitely stick with keeping my clothes stacked vertically. Plus this way I can see each piece instead of rifling through them and disrupting the organization.

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  1. I have loved seeing the different bins and organizing products we all have chosen. I never get to an Ikea but these are super nice. I may have to peek online at them. Your shirts look so pretty now. I am not sure I could keep up the folding of them but I may have to try because I need to do something with them! Thanks!

  2. My dresser drawers stay organized for a week and then they’re a hot mess again. I love the idea of using the collapsible bins. We don’t have an IKEA around here but I’ll be on the hunt for them. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  3. I’ve been on a mission to get my entire house organized, so the timing of your tips couldn’t be better! Great ideas.

    1. Thanks Ellen! Good luck on your quest lol, I need to spill my organization tips over into the rest of my house still too!

  4. Those collapsible bins are the most handy tool for drawer organization in the bedroom! I love how neat your clothes are. I would never want to take anything out so I wouldn’t mess it up!

  5. I love how everything folds so neatly in the bins! I hang a lot of stuff, but I think I could probably store more stuff folded in bins instead.

  6. I’m loving how everyone is using bins to contain and hold things vertically. I’ve been just vertically stacking, but I love the idea of the bins separating all the items.

  7. I think we’ve all learned that using bins is the key to staying organized for lots of our drawers. Vertical storage does make it easier to find what we’re looking for easily. Your drawer looks great.

  8. I love how neatly organized your T-shirts are! I need to get some of those canvas bins for my dresser drawer! I have so many shirts that need to be organized. This has been a fun (and useful) blog hop!

  9. My drawers are also pretty neat, but finding stuff can be a problem. Ok maybe my tank drawer is overflowing, but I love wearing tank tops under my shirts. These look great using the bins. This has been so much fun getting organized.

    1. Yes my tank tops were taking on a life of their own. But now they are so nice and tidy! This has been a ton of fun, and has me trying to get other spaces organized!

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