Easy Bathroom Drawer Organization Solution

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Find out just how easy it is to get your bathroom whipped into shape with these easy bathroom drawer organization solutions.

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Would you believe me if I told you we had an entirely empty drawer in our guest bathroom? Since it’s just my husband and me, and we have plenty of drawer space in our Master bathroom, I just never had the need to fill the drawers in our guest bath.

I do keep my makeup, hair straightener, and hairdryer in the guest bath (because that’s usually where I get ready) but there was an entire drawer that was just sitting there unused. I decided to tackle that drawer along with my makeup drawer for this week’s bathroom drawer organization challenge.

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Bathroom Drawer Organization

This week was pretty easy once I decided on the drawers I wanted to tackle. I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis. I’ll put on a bit more on the rare occasion we go out, but for the most part, I’m a mascara and foundation girl. Even though I don’t wear much, I was still tired of digging through my makeup bag for the items I did need and decided a better solution was needed.

I picked up a couple of clear plastic trays from Dollar Tree that has 3 square sections. I also used a leftover basket from my kitchen utensil drawer to give me a base to work with.

For the clear 3 compartment tray, I decided my square and rectangular makeup items would work best since the shapes were similar. I divided it by eye shadow, powder foundation, and liquid foundation. In the longer rectangular basket, I placed my eyeliners and mascara. Then I used a short fat mason jar to hold my hair ties. Looks much better right?

Bathroom Drawer Organization Solution

Now on to the empty drawer! Ok, to be fair it wasn’t exactly empty. I had put two washcloths in there for the rare guest that we have to use. I put those back in our linen closet which I felt is a more appropriate place to keep them. Easy to find and grab for guests when needed.

Instead, I thought the drawer would be perfect to put paper/toiletry items like cotton balls, q-tips, etc. I used a second clear plastic tray, as well as two small baskets that I already had (I used them HERE in another of our houses). I really like how neat and tidy everything looks, plus it’s great to have those kind of things easy for guests to grab if needed.

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Bathroom Drawer Organization Solution

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  1. I’m a big fan also of sub-dividing drawers. I once worked at an event where we ended up with some upmarket (sadly empty) chocolate boxes: they now form the basis of my bathroom drawer organization! Your results look great too.
    Hi from the Hearth & Soul link party.

  2. My makeup storage had become such a mess. Thank goodness for those bins and trays. Having a drawer stocked with some essentials for your guests is a great idea.

  3. You’re a girl after my own heart! I love little dividing trays in drawers and the fact that you found them at the Dollar store is a huge bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The struggle is real with my makeup bag! Bathroom drawers are such a gift to have and I’m loving these organization ideas so I can put them to use in my bathroom. I’ll be organizing my makeup soon. I understand having empty spaces in the guest bath. Although ours doesn’t have drawers, the cabinet space under the counter is fairly bare and I like it like that!

    1. What is it with makeup? It’s like it takes on a life of it’s own!! I agree with keeping space bare too. I’m trying to practice the “just because there is space for more doesn’t mean I need more” philosophy lol.

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