How To Organize Planner Supplies

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Have a ton of planner stuff taking over your office space or craft room? I did too. See how easy it is to organize planner supplies with these simple tips.

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I am a planner fanatic. There, I’ve said it and I can’t take it back. I’m actually almost a little embarrassed to share with the world just how many planner supplies I’ve accumulated over the last year. I’ve always been a fan of planners and the idea of having some sort of semblance of getting my life organized, but once I was introduced to the Happy Planner world, it turned into a full blown obsession.

I need to have all of the pretty washi tape, stickers, note pages, and pens. Since I’ve started hoarding collecting these planner supplies, my organized desk drawers have just exploded with chaos. Scroll down to see my before photos and read about how to organize planner supplies (when they are taking over your life).

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This week is all about our Office or Living space drawers. Because I spend the majority of my time in my office/craft room I thought it was appropriate to tackle my desk. I have an Ikea desk with one side being an Alex drawer unit. To say I love this drawer unit would be a huge understatement! I have been planning to get a second unit to help me keep my hoards from taking over my space completely, but I have yet to get out to Ikea to purchase one.

A few years ago I shared how I organized those desk drawers when I first purchased them. Since that post, these drawers have taken on many, many craft supplies, but most recently they have been hiding my piles and piles of washi tape and stickers.

Using my Happy Planner is a very creative outlet for me. Before I started using one, I didn’t see why someone would take so much time to decorate their weekly planner when they would just end up writing all over it and tossing it later on. Well, now I look forward to my Sunday mornings when I sit down with my cup of coffee and start planning.

I love using washi tape and all of the fun Mambi sticker books to decorate my week. It’s kind of like therapy! But that therapy has slowly turned into a bit of chaos every time I open my drawers. Something had to be done!

At the beginning of the year I bought this desk organizing set in teal. I loved the pop of color it gave my white desk, and the drawers lock together to keep them from sliding all over the place. Plus they fit in there pretty well!

As you can see I have one drawer pretty much dedicated to my washi tape hoards, but the problem I was running into was that there was no room to add more! First world problems ya’ll. The drawer right below it held all of my sticker books and extra note pages. It was also supposed to be able to hold my actual planners. Yes, plural. I have an everyday planner, an old planner turned recipe binder, and then a business/social media planner.

How to Organize Planner Supplies


  1. Clean everything out of the drawers you are organizing. Wipe each drawer out and line with pretty contact paper.
  2. Sort by type. For my planner supplies, I have washi tape, Mambi sticker books, extra inserts (like note pages, meal planning sheets, etc), loose sticker sheets, and then basic office supplies I use in the planners like white-out, binder clips, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.
  3. Break it down further. For me, I sorted my washi tape by color, and my stickers even further by type (books vs. loose sheets vs. rolls)
  4. Think about how you use each item and come up with a plan to organize the drawers in a way that is the most user friendly.
  5. Use trays, baskets, and small jars to keep things contained. I used small jars to store small items like paper clips, binder clips, and push pins, and the drawer trays to hold washi tape and other items. I used a white photo box that I was no longer using for craft paint storage to hold my extra inserts and loose stickers. This way they are contained, but easily accessible.

Then just place everything neatly back into the drawers! Here are my organized planner supplies all neatly put back in their space! The top drawer holds extra notebooks, my business planner, recipe binder, journals and extra calligraphy pens that don’t fit in my desk carousel.

The drawer under that houses all of my washi tape. And guess what? There’s room to buy more!! This drawer also holds my sticky notes, white out, erasers and pencil sharpeners.

Finally, the third drawer holds all of my stickers, planner inserts, and small supplies like binder clips, paper clips, and push pins. The large white photo box in the back holds the planner inserts and loose sticker sheets I don’t use as often. Then the two trays hold my Mambi sticker rolls, some loose sticker sheets that I use more frequently, as well as my lettering guide and a small craft knife.

I’m so much happier with all of my newly organized planner supplies. I can find the things I need so much easier, plus they look so pretty when I open the drawers!!

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  1. Ok, first, I’m so jealous of all your pretty washi tape! I’m not a planner stuff hoader, but I can totally relate since I have a ton of creative crafty stuff. Bins and grouping definitely help.

  2. OMG! This is beautiful! I have the happy planner too and LOVE it. Although sitting down every Sunday morning with coffee or every Saturday night with wine, for that matter, is a fantastic idea to keep on track. I would love to see a post about your planner and how you use the washi tape, stickers and more. I try to be neat about it but I love to see what others do. I just checked out your planner gift guide post and I think a few of those things will be added to my wish list for sure! I don’t have near the supplies you do so I feel a shopping trip is in order so I can get “caught up”. LOL!

    1. It’s so nice to know you are a fellow planner girl! I’d love to do a post on how I set up my Happy Planner, so maybe I’ll do just that!

  3. Seeing all those gorgeous tapes and stickers makes me want to get back to using a planner. I still have my old one I used every day while working outside the home. I have everything on my cell now but I miss the personalization we could do with a pretty planner.

    Thanks for joining Dishing It & Digging It each week. Love seeing your stuff!

  4. I’m trying to concentrate on all your great tips but all I can do is struggle with my washi tape collection envy!
    Serious though, you have such lovely supplies and I totally get what you mean about having a set time each week to just enjoy being creative.

  5. I love washi tape and stickers. I bought two boxes of tape a couple of pads of stickers. It’s scattered about, somewhere. I like how you organized the washi tape so that it’s easy to find.

  6. This is an organizer’s dream. Everything looks great and I love the pop of teal you used. It’s great that now that you’ve organized it all you have room to buy more!

  7. You are making me want to be a planner girl! I want to put my fingers on all those pretty rolls of Washi Tape! Love the colors of your drawer organizers! Life is better with well organized drawers. These are awesome!

  8. I feel in love with your washi tape and stickers. I wanted to jump into the computer and check each one out. lol! Your drawer looks great. I do the same thing on Sunday mornings with my coffee and my planner. I love it! It totally relaxes me.

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