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Hand Painted Family Sign

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Need a last minute gift idea? I have the perfect gift that anybody would be sure to love, and it won’t take much time at all to make!

Remember that deer plaque I made a few weeks ago? I mentioned that I made the second one into a gift for a friend and promised to show you what I made. Well here it is folks, a hand painted family sign.Wood Plaques

I actually made this for a co-worker for secret santa. Honestly, besides wine I had no idea what I could give her. She mentioned to me how much she loved my Gather and Feast painted sign one day and that’s when it clicked! I could make her a hand painted family sign!

Just a word of warning: I took these photos with my Iphone because I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get around to putting these up here. Just pretend they are beautifully staged photos and we will both be happy!

Using the same stain combination I used in both the deer plaque and the gather and feast sign I quickly stained the plaque and let it dry.

While the stain was drying I made a mock up in PicMonkey of how I wanted the lettering to look.Lewis FamilyThen using the same transfer method I used for my Thankful Garland and Merry Christmas sign, I copied the mock up onto the plaque using chalk.

Lewis Family Step 1

Using a paint marker I simply went over the words and filled them in.

Lewis Family

And you’re done!

My friend really loved the sign and her reaction when she opened it was priceless! If you have 24 hours (which you do if you get started right now) you can make this last minute hand painted family sign just in time for Christmas!

Hand Painted Family Sign

Or you can tuck this idea away for the new year. You’re call.


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