May Monthly Meal Plan

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Happy May! Is it weird to you that it’s already May? I feel like April just started and here we are, already into a new month and that much closer to Summer!

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For last month’s meal plan, I told you that my husband and I were starting the Ketogenic Diet. Well, we survived our first month, and can’t believe the results! This really is more of a lifestyle change than a diet, as we both are really enjoying the benefits and the foods we can eat. It’s amazing how one simple diet change can make the world of difference!

First off, we both have lost a significant amount of weight. My husband is down close to 30 pounds, and I have lost 18! All of that in a month. Now, of course, we definitely had a lot of weight to lose in the first place, and the weight loss has tapered down in the last week, but we are still so thrilled with the numbers.

We also have more energy! I couldn’t really tell at first until we went to a family dinner at a not so low carb facility last weekend. For the most part, we both did very well with sticking to our diet, but we did have higher than our normal amount of carbs (we try to stick under 25g per day). The next day I could really tell! I was sluggish, tired and just felt sick over all. Knowing how bad I felt after those carbs makes it that much easier to NOT want to cheat. 

Our real test will be next week as we will be on vacation for over a week. That means LOTS of eating out and trying to find low carb, no sugar meals to eat at unfamiliar places. I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of Jimmy John’s unwhiches and Five Guys bunless burgers 🙂

If any of my readers on the West Coast have a favorite low carb place to check out, let me know! 

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  • Out of town all week

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