Office Lamp Makeover

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I have a pretty easy lamp makeover to share with you today.  This is another project for my Office Makeover.  

Originally I had this plain, ugly, black 3 light lamp that I recieved for free a few years ago.  I never really used it, because I never had a space for it.  I think it sat in the garage the entire time we lived in Austin.  

Lamp Before

When we moved to our home in November, I brought it up to my office.  It was nice to be able to have a little bit of task lighting in the evenings, versus turning on the ceiling light.

It served a function, but what sort of designer would I be if function was it’s only purpose?  I had to make it pretty too.

That’s where my trusty gold and white spray paints came to the rescue.  I quickly gave the whole lamp a few coats of flat white paint.  Once it was completely dry, I taped off the back parts of the actual lamps, and covered the pole areas surrounding it with plastic (to save on tape)

You get a better idea in the picture.

lamp in progress

I only wanted the front part of the lamps to be gold, and didn’t want to get any gold splatter anywhere else.  

Once I had 2 coats of gold on, I let it completely dry again.

Here is the finished product!

Lamp After

lamp closeup

Much better.  

Am I right?

Now it can offer my important task lighting, but it’s not an eye sore stuck in the corner of the room.  

And, since it was a free lamp, and I already had the paint from other projects, it cost me $0.  My FAVORITE kind of transformation.

Lamp Before and After

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  1. What a fantastic transformation. It looks very professional and expensive! I guess having it sit in your garage for all those years was worth it.

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