Rake Head Fall Wreath | 10 Minute DIY Project

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If you have an old rusty rake lying around, turn it into a beautiful rake head Fall wreath in this 10 minute DIY project.

Fall rake head wreath cover

I’ve had this rusty rake head for several years. My mom had it hanging on the side of her shed, and she gave it to me to make something with. Originally I made it into a cute little wine glass rack. Our house doesn’t have a great spot for that anymore, but I just didn’t want to get rid of the rake. It’s perfectly rustic and old and I knew I could create something with it.

view from below

This is just one idea for using an old rake head for decor. It only takes about 10 minutes to make and best of all doesn’t ruin the old rusty rake with glue or paint! You can check out the easy tutorial for this 10 minute DIY fall rake wreath below, or watch the 2-minute video showing you the steps. Either way, you need to make one of these Fall rake wreaths for yourself!

How to Make a Fall Rake Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed

10-Minute DIY Tutorial | Fall Rake Wreath

First, create a loop to allow you to hang the rake head when finished. To do this, tie a loop in the twine, then wrap the twine around the handle of the rake head. Keep wrapping the twine around the handle until you have about 1/2 of the handle covered. 

rake head handle looped in twine

Next, place the Fall floral picks so that the stems lie flat on the rake head handle. Once you are satisfied with their placement, cut another length of twine and secure the floral stems in place towards the bottom of the rake handle.

finished rake head wreath

Use the wired ribbon and tie a bow to finish off the fall rake head wreath. Optional: snip the stems of the florals that stick up past the bow. I did not do this.

hanging on the door

Now it’s time to hang your brand new Rake Head Fall Wreath on your front door! The loop you created in the first step is great for placing on a wreath hanger, or just a 3m hook on the front door.

hanging on the door from the side

Watch this quick 2 minute video showing you the steps above!

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