The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

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If you have trouble focusing while cleaning like I do, then you need the ultimate spring cleaning checklist. It’s got everything you need to check off on your Spring cleaning to do list, so when you get distracted you won’t forget where you left off!

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Printable

I’ve been working on spring cleaning my house these past 2 weeks, and as much as I love seeing everything clean and organized, it still seems to be a bit of a pain in the you know what. Do you know why I feel that way? Besides the obvious. It’s because I have cleaning A.D.D.  You know when you start cleaning one thing and see something else that needs your attention, so you move to that and before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you haven’t finished cleaning anything.

Spring Cleaning outdoors and notes section

That’s where the ultimate spring cleaning checklist comes into play! All I have to do is print out my sheets, and go room by room checking each box off. I can focus on each individual task one at a time instead of thinking about all of the other parts of the house that need my attention.

Spring cleaning check list for bathrooms

Spring cleaning is something that needs to be done, but not something I really enjoy doing. I mean really who loves dusting ceiling lights and baseboards, or wiping out kitchen cupboards anyway?? But with the ultimate spring cleaning checklist, it seems a little less painful.

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  1. Thank you for these checklists because they’re a life-saver. I’m surprising my high school graduate by secretly flying in her god-mother. My house is already clean, but I want to do a deep clean before she arrives and these checklists cover everything that you don’t think about doing. Plus, once your house is deep cleaned, if you keep up on doing a room a week (or a different room every 3-4 days, it doesn’t seem like as much all at once.)

  2. I love checklists! I use them for work, for projects, for packing, for planning my week and more. How do you get your family to use them?

    Thanks for sharing your pretty ones!

    1. Well, it’s just me and my husband so I’m usually the only one using checklists lol. But it helps SO much! Thank you for stopping by Lauree

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