Feminine Home Office DIY Pegboard

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Add pretty vertical storage to your space with this feminine home office DIY pegboard. 

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Finished Feminine Home Office DIY Pegboard

I have been wanting to add a beautiful pegboard to my home office for years. YEARS, ya’ll. Finally I made that dream a reality and I could not be happier with the results of my feminine home office DIY pegboard! It’s just the right amount of pretty, but so functional at the same time. That is what I love most about this pegboard in my office. 

Feminine Home Office Diy Pegboard

I even hung it up all on my own too! That’s right, no help needed from hubby! If you want to learn how to hang up your own DIY pegboard, check out my friend Rachel’s in depth tutorial. I didn’t follow it exactly, but I do love that she goes over a few different methods on how to frame it. My tutorial would never be that in depth so go with hers!

Feminine Home Office Diy Pegboard

Instead, I’m just going to chat about the accessories and styling I used for this black and rose gold craft room peg board. I purchased two pegboard accessory kits, a few extra 8″ hooks, as well as two closet shelf boards that are 8″x24″. Of course, I spray painted all of the metal accessories with my favorite Rustoleum spray paint in rose gold. 

DIY pegboard for lettering supplies

My favorite section is hands down this area where I keep all of my lettering, calligraphy and watercolor supplies. (If you want to learn more about lettering, check out my other site Designs by Amanda Kay!)

DIY pegboard for lettering supplies

I used the two white shelf boards to hold my marker storage drawers. I love that I can get them up off the desk for even more space to spread out when I’m creating. These drawers are actually called Washi Organizers, but they fit my Tombow dual brush pens (which are pretty long!) perfectly!

Lettering supplies on Feminine Home Office Diy Pegboard

The black buckets came from Hobby Lobby, and hold extra pens and markers. The one hanging from a peg actually holds my glue gun (it’s the perfect size!). I had the wire baskets already, and just spray painted them. Here are some similar baskets. One holds extra decor art paint and paint mediums.

Feminine Home Office Diy Pegboard supplies

I had room at the top for another smaller shelf. I happened to have a board already cut to 6″x12″ that I painted white. The sign and vase came from Hobby Lobby, while the owl came from a thrift store. I just gave him a little face lift with some rose gold paint.

DIY Feminine Home office pegboard

On the other side is my yarn, rotary cutter, trims and crochet hooks. I used to keep alot of this stuff in an over the door pantry organizer, but always hated how my door could never close completely. This feminine craft room pegboard solves that problem!

The area underneath is where I keep wrapping supplies, ribbon and thank you cards for my Etsy shop. The ribbon is hanging up on a small dowel rod that I cut to size.

How to accessorize a feminine home office diy pegboard

And of course no feminine home office DIY pegboard would be complete without hanging up your scissors, rulers, glue gun and three hole punch right? I also have my favorite multi tool (that gold hammer) hanging up here. It unscrews to revel a flat head screwdriver and a phillip’s head screwdriver. It sounds silly but I use that thing ALL THE TIME! My grandma found it at a resale shop years ago and gave it to me, but here is a similar one I found on Amazon.

Feminine DIY pegboard for home office

This little white cup is actually a flower vase that I’ve stuck my favorite brushes and calligraphy nib holders into. The spikes that are made to hold flower stems, actually work great to keep the brushes from falling over. I would share a link, but it looks like the shop is no longer in business. 

Feminine DIY pegboard for home office

Shop my Feminine Home Office Pegboard Organizer Look:

Feminine DIY pegboard for home office


Pegboard accessory kit |  Wire Baskets {similar} | Marker Storage Drawers {similar} | Black Buckets | Glass hanging jars {similar}

Craft Supplies:

Fiskars Rotary Cutter | Pentel Water Brushes | Dusting Brush | Tombow Dual brush Pens | Bleed Proof White Ink | Micron Pens | Bombay Black Ink | Watercolor pallet | Gold Hammer Multitool

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Feminine DIY pegboard for home office


  1. HI Love your pegboard. Just had one put up in my office using. Question, what color and type of paint did you use for the trim? I love the matte finish of yours. Can’t tell if its black or like a dark gray. Thanks!

  2. I love your pegboard! Doesn’t it make you so happy when you look at it? It makes it so much easier to find things for getting crafty. I really love the clear drawers for your pens and I may have to add that to my pegboard too.

    1. It is SO nice to have everything right where I can see it and easily access it. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to do this. Those clear drawers are awesome! I think I need a few more lol

  3. Looks stunning! I am all about that gold hammer multi-tool, girl! I’m going to have to hunt for one now. I had to laugh that you were sweet enough to call my tutorial in-depth, cause I think I just talk to much, lol. I scheduled some pins and shares because it is so pretty!

    1. I do think your tutorial is well written and in-depth! Oh and I found a similar multi tool on amazon when I searched for gold hammer multi-tool 🙂 Thanks for the shares!

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