The Best Farmhouse Decor Under $50

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Love the Chip & JoJo trend? Check out some of the best farmhouse decor for under $50 from my favorite retailers.

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The best farmhouse decor for under $50

Ever since my husband and I moved into our home almost 2 years ago, I had grand plans for our family room. The space is awkward in shape and the fireplace is in the most inconvenient space. This past Spring I finally got around to one project on my list, faux built in bookcases. While the bookcases definitely give the space some added depth and visual interest, the family room still is a work in progress. And some days it feels like it will always be that way.

I’ve been slowly collecting items to decorate the bookshelves and my gallery wall with–things like old books and a few baskets and bins. Most of my bigger items in the space have been thrift store makeovers like this end table. I also turned a mirror into a chalkboard sign and transformed some ugly wall plaques into pretty mason jar wall vases.

But even though I’ve been DIYing my way to a new and improved family space, I’ve still been searching for some store bought pieces too. If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you know just how cheap I am when it comes to buying anything, so if I’m going to buy new decor then it has to be affordable. 

I have spent countless hours searching for just the right pieces to fit in my family room and my budget, so to save you the time I made a list of the best farmhouse decor under $50 I’ve found from my favorite retailers.

Click on any photo below to shop the best farmhouse decor for under $50!

*updated 2020 to current stock

What are some of your favorite places to score farmhouse finds?

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Affordable Farmhouse decor under $50


  1. Good day Kelly. I will go on retirement next year and I am planning to build a farmhouse
    for myself. I love the collection of the farmhouse décor. I think it will assist me in
    decorating my farmhouse. Thank you.


    1. Hi Kathy! I’m sorry you are having trouble loading the widget. It seems like it is loading OK on my end. Maybe trying a different browser would help?

  2. I used to say that my home was decorated in Early American Yardsale but now I’ve added thrift stores and DIY to the mix, all of which makes it that much more fun!

  3. What a pretty post, i love all the choices of farmhouse decor, I love to decorate with touches of farmhouse and other styles. I have a few farmhouse pierces I cherish.

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