Helpful Ideas to Organize Your Home and Life

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We can ALL use some help in the organizing department, right? Of course! That’s why I’m sharing 12 helpful ideas to organize your home AND life. From cleaning under the bathroom sink to working on your daily productivity, it’s all an important key to having it all together.

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This past week I have been battling with allergies and lack of motivation. Who would think that allergies would be giving me such a bad time in the middle of February? Supposedly tree pollen is really high right now, and the main culprit is Elm pollen. Which would make sense as to why I never had an issue in Texas–no Elm!

Anyway, back to the point. Since I was so unproductive last week, I needed something to recharge me. Reading some of your posts about organization and productivity really helped give me that little extra push to finish the week out strong. At least now I can say I didn’t waste the ENTIRE week. Do you ever have weeks like that? 

Helpful Ideas to Organize your Home and Life

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