15 Low Carb Soups for the Instant Pot

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Colder weather calls for warmer filling dinners, but they don’t have to be difficult to make. Warm up with these easy low carb soups for the Instant Pot, and let it do the cooking for you.

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Our Instant Pot has really become a cooking necessity in our house. I have no idea what we did for last-minute dinners before we had it. Didn’t thaw out the chicken for dinner? No problem! I cook frozen chicken breasts in our Instant Pot all the time with no problems!

New to Instant Pot Cooking?

If you just purchased an Instant Pot, or you’ve had one for a bit but don’t think you are using it to its full potential, then check out this Instant Pot Mini Course. It’s FREE!

With the colder Winter weather here in full swing, I’ve been on the hunt for some new recipes that I can make using our Instant Pot. We love a great soup recipe on cold days, so these 15 low carb soup recipes are the perfect fit for our family!

15 Low Carb Soups for the Instant Pot

Instant Pot Chicken Soup Recipes

Chicken is so versatile and can be combined with a ton of different flavors! Plus, like I mentioned above, you can cook frozen chicken in the Instant pot for easy shredded chicken to use in these recipes.

Chicken soup recipes prepared in an Instant Pot

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Low Carb Soups with Beef

Easy low carb dinner ideas that use up ground beef or a roast! I can’t wait to try that Instant Pot Goulash! It looks so delicious!

Low carb Beef soup recipes

Vegetable Soup Recipes for the Instant Pot

I’m always searching for meatless recipes for those times when we are running low on groceries. Low carb vegetable soup recipes are great too for those busy days when you forgot to thaw something out!

Vegetable soup recipes in the Instant Pot that are low carb

Which low carb Instant Pot Soup are you most excited to try?

Looking for even more easy Instant Pot recipes? Check out 101 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners Cookbook from Recipe This. They have so many great recipes and help you navigate the ins and outs of the Instant Pot. 

More recipes you’ll love:

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