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August Monthly Meal Plan

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Happy August friends! It’s a new month so that means a whole new monthly meal plan. I know, I know, it’s technically the second week in August. I can’t believe I totally missed out on the whole first week!

I feel like I have been pulled in 20,000 different directions lately between the Haven Conference, being out of town last weekend, then filling in at my very very part time job, my Etsy shop going crazy and then trying to work on some behind the scenes stuff here. Whew! I’m just exhausted typing it all out.

A whole month of easy dinner ideas to help you get started with a meal plan

I have to say though, it was so nice to be home last weekend and just have a chance to catch up. I don’t usually do a ton of work on the weekends, but I really had no choice this time.  I’m still not 100% caught up, but I’m getting there. Now if I could just find some time to actually clean up and organize my office I would be set. It’s so hard to put my head down and work when my workspace is a disaster!

But enough about all of that! You’re here for the monthly meal plan right? Well, this month is all about keeping things simple for us. I’m sure a lot of you need some simplicity too with August being back to school time. We’ve got some fun planned for this weekend with my brother and sister in law that I’m looking forward to, but other than that, this month is just all about getting work done and caught up before pumpkin everything explodes (not that I mind it at all).

A whole month of easy dinner ideas to help you get started with a meal plan

We are still sticking to our ketogenic diet, but have started to up our carbohydrate intakes slightly. Instead of staying at 20g per day, I have upped it to 35g. So far it’s still going well! If you aren’t following a ketogenic diet, a lot of the recipes I share for our meal plans can be served with a rice or pasta side, or even with some fresh bread.

Monthly Meal Plan for August

Week 1

Week 2

  • Monday– Chorizo, egg and veggie skillet
  • Tuesday– Slow cooker pulled pork (sugar free BBQ) over cauliflower rice. Sounds weird but DELISH
  • Wednesday–Tacos
  • Thursday–Grilled chicken salad
  • Friday– Beef stir fry with cauliflower rice
  • Saturday–Cream cheese and spinach stuffed chicken (recipe soon-ish)
  • Sunday– Lettuce wrapped bacon cheeseburgers, cottage cheese, roasted broccoli

Week 3

Week 4




Sunday 13th of August 2017

I give you props girl for keeping up with the change in lifestyle diet. You go girl!


Monday 14th of August 2017

Thank you! The results have been great, so it's hard to slide backwards.