February Monthly Meal Plan

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Keep dinner time sane by creating a monthly meal plan and sticking to it!

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New month, new meal plan! It’s hard to believe that February is already here, Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and that pesky groundhog saw his darn shadow!

Thanks to that groundhog, I woke up to something a little unexpected yesterday–a snow storm. I mean, sideways snow, whipping wind and for a bit even some complete whiteout conditions. It’s funny because all week my weather app said snow, but then at the last minute changed it to a 10% chance. One would imagine with a chance that low, that we wouldn’t get 2 inches right? Maybe that means this 90% chance of 3-5 inches tomorrow means we won’t get any? Hey, a girl can dream!

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of winter. I’m ready for singing birds, blooming trees and the smell of fresh cut grass. My husband is getting antsy for Spring too! We took advantage of the warmish weather Saturday and checked out our camper that is sitting winterized at a local storage facility. I think seeing it has him dreaming of all the camping trips he wants to take this year as soon as it warms up. There’s a lot of them in the plans! Which means I’m going to have to become a pro at keto camp cooking. I should probably start planning now.

February monthly meal plan

Week 1–Feb 5th-11th

Meal Prep:


Week 2–Feb 12th-18th

Meal Prep:

  • Cooked bacon (good to have for a quick breakfast or just a snack)
  • Hard boiled eggs


Week 3–Feb 19th-25th

I’ll actually be at my parents house helping with their budget kitchen makeover (details coming in a few days) but luckily my mom also eats keto!


Week 4– Feb 26th- March 4th

Meal Prep:


If you are new to low-carb or keto eating, I shared my favorite low carb pantry items a few weeks ago that might be helpful.

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